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Monday, October 22, 2012

these are my confessions


It feels so good to get something off your chest, doesn’t it?

I constantly have guilt trips running through my head through out the day and honestly, the only thing that makes me feel better when I start going overboard processing it all is to stop and think about how I am definitely not alone in my most shameful moments.


So that thought made me want to write out some of my confessions – may one of them strike a cord with you and lessen your own personal guilt ;)

OR maybe you’ll be shaking your head all the way through the list and get a kick out of how much better you are at being a human being than I am… just keep it to yourself, K?




Confession #1: It is October 22 and I have STILL not purchased nor even looked for a costume for my son’s FIRST Halloween. {Yes, last year was really his first Halloween and he didn’t really have a costume then either, but at 8 weeks, he sure wasn’t about to head out trick-or-treating…}


I pretended this was his Halloween costume last year when I failed again to buy anything else… really I bought it just to fuel the house divided fire that is constantly burning in this home ;)



Confession #2: Let’s go ahead and add to the Halloween FAIL list that on October 22, I have yet to bring out my Halloween decorations. Is there really any point this late in the game? I could list all of my excuses from this crazy busy October including a sick baby and a fully booked calendar of events and traveling, but really – I’m apparently just a bad mom when it comes to Halloween.


Confession #3: I spent way more than I should on this eyeshadow palette and now it’s nowhere to be found. The culprit: a too-tall one year old who can reach every counter top in the house and who loves to grab, run and throw. We couldn’t find the remote to our bedroom T.V. for 4 days until nick was taking out the trash and noticed it in one of the smaller cans. Now I’ve searched every cabinet, trash can, play pen, toy box and STILL can’t find these beloved eyeshadows.


Guess is serves me right for splurging…



Confession #4: It’s taken me almost a year to really get into shopping and buying cute clothes for Houston. When he was younger and dirtied what seemed like 100 diapers a day, all I cared about was clothes that were simple to snap and unsnap

And shoes? I couldn’t have cared less about shoes no matter how cute they were until he started walking. We have several brand new pairs of adorable shoes he outgrew and never wore. Why would I want to struggle with getting a pair of shoes on the curled up toes of a screaming, wiggling infant? Socks do the job just fine!

The guilt comes in when I think about the what-ifs: had he been born a girl, would I have cared more about shopping for her cute outfits instead of dressing him mostly in onesies and pajamas? It’s no secret the boys sections of the stores have mostly slim pickins while the girls section is busting at the seems with with the sweetest little outfits you ever saw!

Thankfully, Houston is moving up in the world and wearing more “real clothes’ instead of constant “play clothes” and a LOT more shoes of course. Whether my usually super comfy boy is happy about this change is still unknown.



Confession #5: My name is Stephanie and I am an over-packer.

Add the dog and baby to the packing list when we’re going out of town and now my addiction is getting worse. It is OUT OF CONTROL. How does anyone pack without feeling like the one thing they leave out will be the exact item that you end up needing the most?!

Is there a self-help book written on this topic?

I had gotten use to my family’s teasing, but now that even the bell-hops have started giving me grief, something’s gotta give.

Makes me almost want to take my luggage up to my room myself. Almost, except there’s just too much of it to making lofty gestures like that one just for pride’s sake!



My last confession: If I don’t start getting back on track eating wise before the holidays take over, they’re going to have to roll me out the double doors. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten better than we did on the trip we just took, but it was most definitely overboard. We’ve been having a blast while I was MIA on the blog :)

More on that trip later!



Surely one or two of my neurosis helped you feel better about yourself! I’m going to go ahead and assume that and use it to help lift some of my mommy guilt…

What a great way to start the week – Happy Monday!





  1. Oh I feel ya on several of these. There was 1 year I was so not into Halloween that Colin never got a costume. His first year he only wore his costume a few days before Halloween when my mom dressed him it. I just wasn't into the hassle!

    And boys clothes? Pa-leese! They are getting better but boys are messy and rough and I'm not into paying large sums of money for clothes they wear more than twice. Poor Sawyer only has about 2 new shirts to his name thanks to hand-me-downs. Oh well, whatever works!

    I don't think your list is bad at all. You must be doing something right (:

  2. I hear ya on the shoes part and I even have a girl!!! About the time you want them to look cute the shoes fall off. Then it's too much work and I just take them off. There are other things that are more important. Your boy is so cute anyways he doesn't need shoes!!

  3. I definitely hear you on the part about packing too much. I used to be a pretty light packer before I had my daughter. When she was a baby, I packed anything and everything I thought she could possibly need or would want during a trip. Now that she is older, I still over pack for myself and for her.

  4. I hear you on the over packing! I've always been that way, but with a 10 month old...oh lord help me! Half the time I pack so much, that when I get home to unpack her stuff, I find things that I didn't even remember packing.

  5. I just started buying shoes for Lainey. Stride Rite is our place! I made her costume this year because she's only "trick-or-treating at GG and Papa's house.

  6. I'm with you on the clothes. If it makes you feel any better, it is only MARGINALLY different for a girl. Granted, it is easier to dress her up all cutesy because the dresses just raise up--no snaps or buttons to undo. But ease and baby's comfort still take the front seat. And I totally have packing anxiety. I seriously feel ill days before a trip just knowing that I'm going to have to decide on what goes and what stays.

  7. Boys clothes are insane. I'm pregnant with my second boy and lucky for me I kept all of the ones he had before since the styles have semi changed. I really hate that there isn't a bigger selection. I guess it's because we don't buy a lot of clothes BECAUSE there isn't a big selection so they see no market in it. :/

    That make up looks amazing.

    I put halloween decor up in Sept because I'm such a nut about it. It's my favorite holiday :) But don't feel bad! Decorate while you can! Enjoy the holiday!!

  8. My little boys never had Halloween costumes until Paxton started school. They didn't know anything about it before then and I'm not one of those parents who schleps the kids around to neighborhoods for candy they will never eat! (REALLY chaps me when I answer the door and there stands a parent or two with an INFANT out trick or treating!)
    I too, am an overpacker! Heading to the OBX in 2 days for a week and I am too embarrassed to admit what I've pulled out to take along!


I just shared my thoughts, I'd love to hear you share yours! {Besides, I'm tired of listening to the voices in my head.} I kid, I kid... ;)