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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

makin' twitter waves

Thanks to Pinterest and a little search for how to get "beach waves" without heat, I'm rocking a new little 'do at work this morning, a trial run before we hit the beach next week.

I put my own spin on a few different takes and made my own "Medusa Buns" with just some barely damp hair, twisting and pinning sections in buns with a bobby pin, and then sleeping the night away. This morning the buns were all still perfectly intact. I took them down, pulled my fingers through and separated my Medusa locks and voila!... Curls that are holding much better than in heat tool does for me and relaxing more into the beach waves I was looking for as the day rolls on. 

In other news, have you all heard of this thing called Twitter?


I avoided joining the rest of the world on Twitter for so long.... yet another social media app to take MORE of my small, dwindling attention span??

No, thanks.

Until my Facebook status updates became a Twitter feed of their own and I needed an outlet to share my incessant, rambling thoughts.... ya know, more often than I find the time to blog... instant gratification.

Join me in Social Media rehab, won't you? :)

Look me up, girrrrrrrrl.... @StephRob4

At least you'll be able to tell I'm still alive when I spontaneously go MIA from blogworld from now on.



Monday, July 08, 2013

What's normal?

I don't know about y'all, but my family doesn't fit anywhere inside the realm of normal.
Thank you for your prayers and well wishes, Houston seems to be almost back to 100%!
We continue to push the boundaries, even at the pet store.
{Which we were treating as a makeshift "zoo" on Saturday morning after breakfast!}
I don't remember seeing the sign on the front door that pants were optional... but apparently Houston is an early reader ;)
It's definitely not normal, either, for me to be ahead of schedule and on top of my to-do list, but a little promise of some sunshine in my future has me packing 8 days ahead of time.
Any beach/vacation packings tips from you pros out there? I'm planning on making a little list of my own to share, I would love to add your advice in there as well!
The hubby and I will be sans bebe for what we're calling our "Second Honeymoon" celebrating our 5 year anniversary next week. I'd also love to hear any tips specific to Mexico as 1.) I've never been and 2.) while we'll stay mainly on the resort, we would like to venture out a bit and could use any tips you might know of to make it a little easier on us.
Me voy, México!

May the Lord be with me at work this week, because my brain will be already in vacation mode.
Be kind to my friends and me, Ms. Monday, you can be quite the diva at times...


Friday, July 05, 2013

Happy 4th and Prayers for Our Boy

So that virus with all the high fevers we've been dealing with since last Friday?

New diagnosis: pneumonia.

This poor baby went through a barrage of testing including deep nasal and throat swabs, a urinary catheter to test for a UTI, a chest x-ray and blood work on his teeny tiny baby arm, all while already feeling terrible. My heart broke into a million pieces as Nick and I had to hold him down for the tests.

Simply horrific. While I know he will never remember, I will never forget :(

The good news is we now know what to treat and as long as we keep the fevers at bay alternating ibuprofen and tylenol through out the day, you would NEVER know this boy is sick. He plays happily all day long and he plays HARD! :)

I caught a few pictures of my sweet, sleeping angel on the 4th of July that I just had to share as well...

Dream smiles!

Dream on, sweet soul, dream BIG♥!

We had the RAINIEST 4th of July I can ever remember, but I was weirdly relieved to take the pressure off of us to "do" anything for that day but to relax and be together. We got to hang out with some great friends that evening and no one could believe our playful, wild man had just been diagnosed with pneumonia!

{Though he looks to be on the upswing, we would appreciate and love continued prayers for him and that the chosen antibiotic will be the right course of treatment for him!}

Happy Birthday, America!



Tuesday, July 02, 2013

lemons into lemonade

We had a 3 day weekend planned this past week that pretty much fell through the cracks... serious lemons.

A trip out of town that we had been looking forward to got canceled for various reasons and quickly turned into a trip to Cincinnati instead... Happy times anyway, right?! A trip to Cincinnati that was suppose to be full of Zoo and Aquarium fun quickly turned into a very HOT trip to the zoo where we learned how miserable an almost two year old can be when you take him to see all the animals he would normally LOVE in 80+ degree weather and a 103+ degree fever.... the fever was unbenownst to us until we finally admitted defeat at the zoo and drove back to my in-laws and realized it was something more than the summer heat.

Our son would get sick 2 hours from home, on a weekend, the worst of it spiking at night leaving us a little panicked and googling our next options with no other real symptoms besides the same runny, green nose we have been battling for weeks. Of course all the things we already had at home, in multiples, had to be quickly RE-purchased at the closest Walgreens... a vaporizer, saline and nose suction, Tylenol and ibuprofen, sore throat suckers, pedialite, baby chest rub ---- I bought the whole dang store to try and find this precious boy some relief!

THIS is parenthood, right?

A silly boy who talks to the mouse at the ortho office like it's a cellphone one evening... and a sick boy with a fever for 5+ days the next.

These illnesses smack us right in the face going 80 miles an hour at the high point of fun and happiness.

Yesterday clocked in as our TENTH pediatrician appointment in the past 4 months... with a little boy who was in picture perfect health until 19 months old.

The next few pics from the zoo and whatever else you might have seen from me on Instagram this weekend remind me of THIS meme:

It appears to be the sweetest little trip, doesn't it? ;)

But while the adults really did have some fun (my sweet mother-in-law isn't pictured here!)...


...our boy was struggling to keep it together :(

Even a train ride with our dear Thomas the Train Engine in tow couldn't perk the boy up:


We took ole' glassy eyes back to Lexington for some serious TLC!

With lots of treats, fluids and constant medicine, his grandparents did fit in a little spoiling this weekend♥

Despite the changes in plans, our pitifully sick boy, and a couple long car trips, Nick and I STILL agreed on Sunday night that we had a fun weekend together.

THIS is parenthood, together, as a family, weathering a few rain showers and dancing in the cloud breaks of sunshine, appreicating them all the more because of the rain.

I thank God in retrospect we didn't end up on the longer trip we were originally bummed not to go on, now that we see we would have had a very sick baby with us. I thank GOD we have only a little virus and not a boy fighting some serious, long illness like I see in our children's hospital every day. I thank God we took the leap of faith and had tubes put in his ears a couple months ago because I can't even imagine how much deeper we would be with his drainage right about now! And I thank God that HIS ways and HIS thoughts are higher than mine and I can trust HIS plan will always be better than whatever I had dreamed.

Here's to hoping the next weekend finds us a little healthier though... :)