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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cowboys & Indians Birthday Party – Part 2


Part 2 of my baby boy’s BIG day!

…well, it was a little bit of MY big day as well ;)


{Need to catch up? Here’s Part 1 in case you missed it!}


I got to take advantage of the occasion to catch up with friends and family I don’t get to see NEAR as often as I’d like. My college roommate of 4 years got to come and bring her PRECIOUS 2 month old daughter, a.k.a. Houston’s future girlfriend, Claire.



He we are, chatting it up and looking at ohhhhhhh… just 400 of only my FAVORITE Houston photos from the past year. For each one I chose for the album, there were at least 10 photos still on my hard drive. Moderation has never been a strong point of mine.



Houston’s “third set of grandparents”, his sitters, Donna & Russell.



Nick’s parents, Grand-dad and Kiki.



The Roberts Clan



Gina & Gabriella



Happy boy!



a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. new friends!



I couldn’t believe how emotional I was bringing Houston’s cake out to him while TONS of family and friends sang Happy Birthday… I was not expecting that! Houston smiled ear to ear the entire song, he didn’t mind all the attention one bit.

How am I not surprised?



My sister made his cutie-pahtootie smash cake. I picked out a healthy recipe *thinking* baby boy would be smashing into the things and stuffing his face full of sugar, inducing a crazy sugar high the rest of the night.



Turns out, the cake could have been made of pure sugar because little man wasn’t interested in it at all!



I even made him a regular, chock full of sugar birthday cake on his actual birthday and again, NOT interested. Crazy boy – he loves his spinach, asparagus, broccoli – just don’t ask him to eat any cake!



Love these pics!♥




A pensive moment in all the fun.



Love those chunky legs in the pink John Deere boots!




He surprised me again when he was actually interested in opening gifts. My sister helped him the whole time and though I’m sure it was mostly the ripping paper that intrigued him, he was a hoot to watch.




Uncle Chad helping him out.



Aunt Melissa assisting the birthday boy.



Fun new ride!



My little cousin, Alisha – gorgeous girl!



Precious Stella.



Wyatt loving the balloons.



We can’t thank everyone enough for making our boy’s first birthday better than we ever dreamed it could be.


We love this little guy to the moon and back and his first year has been the most truly amazing of our entire lives!



Houston, I hope you enjoy these pictures one day and know how immensely loved you were and *are* and that know that you really did have a blast on your first birthday whether you remember it or not! ;)



Your Momma

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cowboys & Indians Birthday Party - Part 1

On August 25th we celebrated Houston’s first birthday a few days shy of the actual with lots of family and friends – almost 50 people came to our home, a.k.a. the Roberts’ Ranch! We were blown away by each and every one of their presence that day and our hearts were full with the outflow of love for our little buckaroo from so many.


The day was nothing short of magical.


I will forever look back at this day with *extremely* fond memories. It honestly ranks right up there with the day he was born and our wedding day. I LOVED every moment and there’s no way it would have been possible without the most dedicated grandparents and aunts and uncles any little boy would be blessed to have.


Too bad Houston will never remember it, but that’s why there pictures – right?


The party started at 2 that afternoon and the friends began trickling in!



‘Happy Trails Mix’ for our guests.



Miss Bessie donated by my best gal, Houston’s aunt Ginny :)





I probably attached more than 200 balloons to this wreath for my baby boy’s big day. More on this craft soon!



The birthday banner I worked all week on and made my family make various morbid promises about…



Cowboy hats in kids and adult sizes, sheriff badges, Indian head dresses and stick on MUSTACHES for only the most fun guests ;)



His itty bitty cowboy boots and hat that he pretty much refused to wear – cute pic anyway!



Stick horses for the kiddies.



Simple tied together bandanas for a banner around the deck.



The cake and cupcakes were phenomenal looking AND delicious. If you’re in the Lexington/Georgetown area, Desserts by Rebecca was a dream to work with. Thanks, Rebecca!









Told you!

My cousin, Kristen, approves.




My maternal grandfather, Ernie :)



The boy and his beloved Poppy.



With his Mimmie.






Meredith brought a sweet little Indian to the shin-dig, Houston’s buddy, Mason.






My love♥









This picture of my boys melts my heart.






 Kennedy, deep in thought while horse-back riding ;)



 Brit and Wyatt, our best buddies.



Loving on his Grand-dad.



Gina and Gabriella were looking precious in matching coral!



More pictures and the sources for the party details tomorrow as well as a party package giveaway to come!!!


Check out our Facebook page for the full party album.





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