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Monday, October 08, 2012

Boyd’s Orchard


Saturday we were blessed to spend the day with my parents at Boyd’s Orchard again.

…I write as I sit contentedly, sipping my delicious apple cider I brought home from the orchard.




Believe it or not, this day-O-fun was the very day AFTER I had my wisdom teeth removed. {Let’s also try to remember this fact while looking at the following pictures of my rounder than usual face… a little swelling comes with the territory.}

I am very happy to report that all went extremely well, I enjoyed almost 24 hours of sleep after the surgery {much needed} and I have only a bit of soreness without taking a single pain pill! There was a minimal amount of being a tad “physically ill” a couple of times the day of, but I was scared I would be bed ridden all weekend with complications and obviously I was up and running the very next morning. Thank you, Jesus!


{For anyone thinking I was a wimp after writing this post, maybe this will somewhat redeem me?!}




If you visit Boyd’s Orchard, you don’t dare leave without taking the pre-requisite “family in the big chair, smiling/cringing into the blaring sunlight picture”… nice strangers always volunteer to take your picture for you as long as you return the favor when it’s their turn. It’s best if you do it as soon as you walk in, do the deed, get it out of the way. Then no one is having a sugar fueled, overly tired, mental breakdown at the end of the day right when you’re trying to get your “big chair family picture taken”… and I’m referring to myself here.




It’s just what you do.

So smile, take the picture, and if your child is a super fanatical, freak fan of his Poppy, you ask his grandfather to go hide behind the barn while you attempt to get a picture without the baby screaming wildly and reaching out for him like his parents are two murderous kid-nappers holding him against his will.




After you’ve survived the picture, a day of beautiful weather, delicious fall fair food, and sweet times await you!




What a difference a year makes:

Last year he wasn’t even 2 months old yet when we brought him to the pumpkin patch for the first time.



Now he’s running through the pumpkins!





This could have been a decent family pic if only all of Nick’s head could have made it in ;)




I use this word multiple times in every post Houston is in {which would be 99% of my posts}, but here goes again:




He started making a “fish face” for no reason that day… not sure why, but it’s  stinkin’ cute.



Again, a comparison…

This year:



Versus last year:



Our boy has definitely done some growing!



I can’t care that he’s tearing up my sunglasses when he looks this cute.



The reason my boy is crazy cute, he’s a clone of his good lookin’ poppa :)



Dancing to the music while waiting in line for the hay ride.



Fish face again!







I can’t be asked to sit still for a picture…



…Not when there's something breakable within arm’s reach!



Queen of the hay bales!



Prince of the hay bales!



Doing anything the “big kids” are doing is definitely on his wish list. He LOVES older kids and would belly laugh when one just ran past him hopping over the hay bales.



Corn maze giggles.



We don’t have many pictures together that I love, but this might be my favorite.



He has my heart.



After literally getting lost in the corn maze… little man was getting tired.



The sleepy dazed and confused face that sets in after a FULL day of fun:




The parental units.




Thanks Mimmie and Poppy for coming down to help out while I had my surgery!

I know it was just SO hard on you to love on this little one 24/7.

But honestly, I know you’re exhausted ;)




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  1. What a difference a year makes. Great pictures!

  2. We are going to Boyd's this weekend, I think. (Assuming all goes according to plan---and, really, does it ever????) Love the picture of you kissing your boy. I think that one is my favorite.

  3. I remember see this post last year!! My how he's grown! He's sooo cute :)

  4. Oh man this is too much cuteness for one post!

    You look great btw especially for having your wisdom teeth pulled (I will be doing this next year ASAP after giving birth lol)

  5. Great pictures! I can't believe you went out the day after getting your wisdom teeth out. I was sick and in so much pain for a few days after I had mine removed!

  6. Saturday was the perfect day! We had good intentions but ran out of time. Your great pictures make me wish we were there too! Here's hoping we have another pretty weekend before October is over (:

  7. So fun!!! Thanks for the giveaway too!! So excited to win! I e-mailed you! :)

  8. He so so cute! I wish we had a pumpkin patch around!!


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