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Monday, July 23, 2012

the magic numbers


This past week we celebrated a couple momentous occasions.

Not many weeks contain momentous occasions… let alone TWO! ;)


On Saturday, we traveled to Louisville to be present for my maternal Grandmother’s 80th birthday party. It was supposed to be a swim party at my aunt’s house, but as you’ll see in the pictures, most of us opted to hide from the sun and hang out in the nice large, COOL garage instead :):):)

My grandmother was thoroughly surprised… even remarked that she wished we would have told her so she could have dressed a little cooler and left her fancy stockings at home… hehe.

We had so much fun and I am so glad that Houston was there as well to celebrate BOTH of his great-grandparents!

{My grandfather’s birthday is just 2 days after my grandmothers, turning 84 this year… so of course we unofficially celebrated him as well!}

My great-aunt violet {Papa’s sister} on the left, my Papa in the middle and my Mamaw {the birthday girl!} on the right.



Baby boy had fun with the fan… he’d put his mouth on it trying to eat it {like everything} and sling spit on everyone around! This explains my momma’s face in the background…



My parents with Houston:



The birthday girl!



My sissy and me:



Baby-daddy lovin’



Can you imagine just WHO wanted to take home ALL of the balloons??!



The second momentous occasion you ask?

Our fourth year of wedded bliss this past Thursday. {July 19th}

I am absolutely giddy to tell you I am married to my BEST friend. It’s 100% completely true. There is no one else on this earth I’d rather spend the majority of my life beside. He is sweet, loving, HANDSOME, intelligent… and as corny as it sounds, he completes me. I see more and more as time goes by that we each pick up where the other leaves off. In too many ways we are perfectly matched and our ESP seriously gets scarier every day!

I am so proud to be married to this handsome man and so proud to have been *happily*  married to him for 4 years and counting now.

{Plus 4 is my favorite numbers… random factoid there :)}

I don’t have any pictures from our actual anniversary except of these gorgeous red and pink roses he brought home… good man!



But I do have pictures from the next night of us at Rimcon for a quick dinner date. The first anniversary dinner date that included our little bundle of joy!

anni dinner1


…and a burrito the size of my head!

anni dinner2



Posts from previous anniversaries: A VERY preggo anniversary, pictures from our blessed wedding day, and our very FIRST wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how quick time flies when you’re having fun :)




Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TODAY is the day


Today is the day - the day I get back to blogging!


I have been so encouraged by sweet comments and emails while I’ve been MIA over the past few months. I’m sorry I haven’t replied but the most I’ve seen of the internet is through my iPhone and my mammoth fingers and thumbs just don’t do well with the tiny touch screen keyboard ;)


The last time I posted, {on MAY 1st!!!!}, it was about my final day of being fed-up with hanging onto the baby weight. I must say that I DID NOT stick to my couch to 5k schedule. Record 100+ degree high temps in June?! Momma doesn’t have time for a heat stroke… Nor have I been sticking to healthy eating habits {I fall off the diet wagon and climb back on about every other week}, but by some act of God, I’ve managed to lose more than 10 pounds and am only 3 pounds away from my pregnancy start weight :)

More on that later though – I have so much more to catch up on!




{Not the best picture but it’s really one of the very few I have of me these days… seems like one tiny little mister is the focus of all my camera’s attention now ;)}


My time away has certainly not been due to lack of blogging material… this summer has most possibly been the BUSIEST summer of my life, which I mean in the best way possible! Between the mundane life of work schedules and the never ending piles of laundry and dishes, since I’ve been gone we’ve had at least 5 holidays (all firsts for Houston!), a wedding shower, a baby shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties in other states, parties, swimming fun, lots of family visits, a little boy that started crawling and is very close to WALKING(!) as well as an amazing amount of growing on Houston’s part.


The last time I did a monthly update {which I could literally cry about for not keeping up}, our baby boy looked like this at just 6 months old:



We now have an almost 11 month old baby boy and he is SO.MUCH.FUN!!






I can’t wait to tell you more about this little boy we are so in love with and what he’s been up to…



…and maybe even just a little of what we’ve been up to.

Missed you and SO GLAD to be back!