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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

makin' twitter waves

Thanks to Pinterest and a little search for how to get "beach waves" without heat, I'm rocking a new little 'do at work this morning, a trial run before we hit the beach next week.

I put my own spin on a few different takes and made my own "Medusa Buns" with just some barely damp hair, twisting and pinning sections in buns with a bobby pin, and then sleeping the night away. This morning the buns were all still perfectly intact. I took them down, pulled my fingers through and separated my Medusa locks and voila!... Curls that are holding much better than in heat tool does for me and relaxing more into the beach waves I was looking for as the day rolls on. 

In other news, have you all heard of this thing called Twitter?


I avoided joining the rest of the world on Twitter for so long.... yet another social media app to take MORE of my small, dwindling attention span??

No, thanks.

Until my Facebook status updates became a Twitter feed of their own and I needed an outlet to share my incessant, rambling thoughts.... ya know, more often than I find the time to blog... instant gratification.

Join me in Social Media rehab, won't you? :)

Look me up, girrrrrrrrl.... @StephRob4

At least you'll be able to tell I'm still alive when I spontaneously go MIA from blogworld from now on.




  1. Gorgeous!! Did you use gel, mousse or any specific products to make them hold? I need to try this!

  2. I resisted Twitter, Snapchat and Vine for the longest time, but I guess I can thank pharmacy school for bringing them to the forefront of my life. I can always use another means of procrastination from studying.


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