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Friday, April 30, 2010



That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately. Working long hours and recharging on my days off. There is a time for everything and life has been smooth and wonderful lately, without much event. I’m truly enjoying the season of life we’re in at the moment, knowing it can all change so quickly, I’ve just been soaking it up!

With only a few more weeks until our summer vacation, I’ve also been working on getting back into shape… what shape that is exactly, I’m not sure. Fighting shape? Doubtful. But I do like to call what I’m doing “cutting weight” like fighters and wrestlers do… it’s so much cooler than “dieting” =) 

If I had “weight cutting” secrets, I’d share ‘em!, but I don’t. Counting calories only on work days {which is actually only 3 days a week but was the key for me! 14 hours of stress and a store full of junk food was my biggest enemy…} and taking the dog on long walks on my days off has really been doing the trick – I actually easily slipped into the dress I wore to my wedding rehearsal last Sunday for church, which has almost been 2 years since I fit into that thing, WHICH means I could still fit into my wedding dress today =) I think that’s a nice “goal” I’ll try to keep as long as possible in this life – besides this summers goal to wear shorts and swimsuits without fear!

Lastly, I’ll leave you my latest “crafty” moment… and I’m not talking about spray painting the shelves or dressing up lamp shades kind of crafty.

I’m talking about the kind of crafty you have to become when you really need to get your nails done at the salon, but it’s your day off and you don’t feel like deciphering Korean or sitting uncomfortably for an hour while they drimmel away on your acrylics.

I really needed a new set of nails… mine are the sweetest hot pink at the moment, which for me, is cute for just a little while and then I’m back to wanting my trusty white tips back.

They were also growing into claws suitable for the WNBA – how those women ever manage to play so fiercely with such long nails will always continue to baffle me?! I can barely survive the pharmacy world after mine reach a certain length – they just lose function. {You can go ahead and throw Venus and Serena in there with the lady sports stars who baffle me with their ability to wear huge chunky jewelry, uncomfortable looking fashion, and claw-like nails and are STILL able to lay the smack down. UNBELIEVABLE.}

Anywho – have you ever tried to file acrylic nails with your regular nail file? It takes FOR-EV-ER. Literally, if I was going to do that, I was just going to head on out to the salon and let then use their drimmel on my WNBA qualifying nails.


Did I own a drimmel? Not sure… but I did own THIS:


and while the precious little cats and dogs on the infomercial seemed to sit peacefully while their nails were filed by this little product, my pooch was never going to tolerate even the sound of the motor, let alone holding each one of his tiny nails inside the tiny opening while it spins away on them. Thus, it’s been sitting in my garage, unused, for over a year.

That was about to change.

But me?! Well, I’m tough {sort of} and I sure as heck am crafty. I think you know where this is going…


Yes, I went there, and obviously, I’m not ashamed to tell about it ;)

I wish I had a before picture, but MY GOODNESS, I can’t believe I never thought of this before. In no time, my nails were back down to a decent length able to carry on with my pill dispensing duties.

They’re not salon quality, but they’ll due until next week.

{Shame, I never knew thee.}


Now that I’m finished airing my crafty, dirty laundry, Nick and I are headed out for the weekend to see his brother and sister-in-law. We miss them so much while they’ve been away in Michigan and visits are too far in between. Congrats to Chad for graduating with his master in accounting this weekend!


P.S. I started thinking how backwards some things are around here after writing this post. I’ve been cutting my hair myself {with a little help from Nick} for over a year now, after the realization that my hair only needs a straight cut and by george, I can handle that. In addition to that low-class act, I now add using the pedi-paws on my own nails. That all is plenty bad enough on it’s own, until I thought of my puppy, visiting the dog salon, to have his hair and nails done every other month.

There are no words for this a-ha! moment I just realized.

Welcome to America.

Friday, April 09, 2010

springtime in suburbia


After an extra extra long work week {that included working Easter Sunday!}, it’s nice to have a day at home, kicked-off with my favorite way to start the morning; a nice little stroll through the neighborhood with my sweetest, fuzzy friend.

{and my handy dandy camera friend hanging around my neck ;) }


















So sweet♥





















Ahhhh… the beauty of the bluegrass state…


Four day weekend! WHOO-HOO!!

We’re headin’ off for the hills of East Kentucky to visit our moms and pops – can’t wait to catch up with the family, eat some chickin n’ dumplins tonight followed by key-lime cake{!}, and hopefully take a few more pictures of springtime in the mountains this time!

Have a fabulous weekend ;)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

an April fool

I won’t attempt what I pulled last year on this day…
No pranks, just lots of foolish photos this year.
I’ve posted these oh-so-precious photos before, but after the last post left me feeling a little too sparkly and proud, it’s time for some self-deprecating humor…

What better time to share such foolishness than on April Fool’s Day?
Enjoy a good laugh, courtesy of my 4th-6th grade self.
Laugh #1: frizzy, permed red hair + a sweet little “teacher’s pet” cardigan

Laugh #2: huge glasses that magnified my eyes combined with a black mock turtle-neck under a white Kentucky sweatshirt

Laugh #3: little to no weight gain with limbs that were growing at record speed made for one VERY awkward geeky girl, dressed in “church camp approved” long jean shorts that were made instantly cool with a little folding&rolling once out of the parental’s sights. Totally rad, dude.

Laugh #4: The first yearbook photo with make-up {milestone moment!} and a dress that I remembered thinking was too cool for school.

Laugh #5-6: Glamour shots, anyone?!
I was just dying to have these done. It was the epitome of coolness in our little town.

Am I, like, frickin’ Reba McEntire Jr. here or what?!

It doesn’t get any hotter than red and blue fringe on a jean jacket, y’all!

Ya know what’s really funny?

Wash off the make-up and the Tammy Faye mascara, add a perm and some coke bottle glasses and BAM!

That girl is still alive and well today.

26 years old, still living the nerd life… Pharmacist by day, blogger by night ;)

{Feeling truly inspired to change my Facebook profile picture now! ;)}