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Thursday, February 25, 2010

surgery update




I mentioned in my prayer request that my grandmother was given the choice to go home, but with grave warnings from the doctor that she may very well have a heart attack at home with the condition they found her heart. My grandmother’s surgery was scheduled for 7:30 this morning and at 5 am, she has a mild heart attack while brushing her teeth. Praise the Lord for the good fortune to be in the hospital at this time! If she had been at home without prompt medical attention, it is very likely she would not have made it through. Medical staff were able to stabilize her blood pressure, which had dropped to dangerously low levels, and after some time of debate, decided to continue on with the surgery at 8 am.

My precious grandmother has been in surgery for more than 5 hours at this point. The doctors predicted it would take approximately 5-7 hours for the porcine {pig} valve replacement, repairing a second valve, and then finally doing a triple bypass. They have updated the family almost every hour with encouraging progress.

So much work a some on such a tiny, delicate organ, in such a tiny, delicate woman.

If you feel so inclined, please pray or continue prayers for my grandmother at this time.

I am so appreciative to those who have been flooding the gates of heaven with our requests and for the sweet words of encouragement on my last post.

Thank you!

Our Wedding 502

“Have you not known? Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He does not faint or grow weary;
his understanding is unsearchable.
He gives power to the faint,
and to him who has no might he increases strength.
Even youths shall faint and be weary,
and young men shall fall exhausted;
but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be
they shall walk and not faint.”

Isaiah 40:28-31

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Prayer request for my grandmother



Last night I found out that the surgery my grandmother had yesterday morning to check for blockages in her heart and to evaluate a valve, turned up some disturbing news. The doctor advised her not to leave the hospital, that doing so would take her life in her own hands and that she may have a heart attack if she went home without further surgery.

My grandmother is having another surgery tomorrow, one that she thought she may get to go home and think about whether she would choose to have it. She did not plan on staying in the hospital and she did not plan on being told the information she heard yesterday. The surgery has better odds that she will make it through, but there is still a disturbingly large chance that she may not.

I am in constant prayer on her behalf right now, as well as on the behalf of my grandfather who is still at home because he is in such great pain and mostly unable to even leave the bed. We still aren’t sure if he will be able to ride the 2 hours in a car to the hospital she is in to see her before her surgery tomorrow. My heart breaks for both of them.

These are my dad’s parents and I am begging you to pray for their healing and well-being {i.e. to be pain free}. I humbly ask this of you and greatly appreciate any prayers lifted up on their behalf.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

advice needed: time to expand the family??


It boils down to this: I think we’re ready and he’s not sure.

We’ve had this little one since August of 2008, approximately one month after we got married.

It was kind of soon to welcome another living being into our new living situation, especially in the tiny apartment we were in at the moment – but I rushed things, as I tend to do.

He was tiny, sweet, and he still needed to be potty trained.

Nick really didn’t like him at first, mostly due to this one last fact.


But now for Nick and the pup: it’s love. Everlasting love.

He loves loves him.

He cuddles him, he walks him, he worries about him, he talks to him, he tells me the dog likes him better…


As is natural with most couples as time goes by, the conversation has begun to swirl around the topic of expanding the family.

and the question is this: Should we get a second dog?


{You didn’t think I was talking about children did you??? *evil snicker*}

No, not children just yet… but the thought of another dog actually makes me think Hendrix will adjust better when we do get around to reproducing offspring of the non-furry variety.


My thoughts on the topic and why I lean toward a playmate for our Hendrix:

1.   He doesn’t have a playmate and he loves other dogs when he has the chance to be around one.

2.   We are gone a lot. At the moment, Nick is home a little more than I am, but even that will come to an end when he graduates in June and begins a new job. Our Hendrix is NOT a loner, he lives to be around others. Another dog will keep him company when we can’t.

3.   He needs/wants LOTS of exercise which we unfortunately don’t seem to give him enough of…. I think. We walk him, we throw the ball for him, we do what we can with the time that we have, and he always wants MORE. I’ve seen my friend’s dogs – they run cRaZy together until they collapse in exhaustion - and it warms my heart to see them play while at the same time, it saddens me that my dog doesn’t have that at home.

4.   Whenever we do bring little ankle biters of our own into this world, it’s sad, but true that his percentage of our attention will greatly diminish. I’m thinking that another dog may help him through this time – and take both of their attention away from the baby and the over protective momma bear nearby that may not have to swat any jealous little dogs… correct me if I’m wrong about this.

5.   Personally, I LOVE a full house and I LOVE dogs… why not two? To me – silence is deafening. I’m sure one day, when we add all the kids in the mix, I will adopt “silence is golden” but until then – I want a little more happy noise in this house!

6.   Hubby sees all the added work, as he did when we first got Hendrix. He got use to it and it all seems so ordinary and easy now. My thoughts about the added work: you feed one dog, you feed two; you walk one dog, you walk two… and on and on so that my point is – the brunt of the work was added with the first dog. It’s not so much to add for the second. {Again – CORRECT ME if I’m wrong about this.}

Now for the negative {to be fair}:

  1. The question of what to do with TWO dogs when we go out of town is bigger than what to do with one. You can find family that will take care of the one, but two… that’s asking a whole lot.
  2. There are the added expenses of course. Vet bills, groomers {I may try to do even more of myself to cut costs}, food, accessories {because I do want a girl this time – and most people advise against having two males}… yes, it will cost more.
  3. Potty training – again? Hopefully not – hopefully, we’ll be adopting a dog who’s a bit older and more adapted to going outside. But if we fall in love with a puppy – potty training it will be. At least we know more of what to do this time around – and I still have 75 puppy pads {literally 75} stored away in the laundry room. I hear girls are easier to train anyway… =)


That’s really all the negative I can think of right now… unless you factor in the real fears I believe we have the most of {and dog lovers, please don’t hang me out to dry for saying this}:

What if the next dog just sucks?

No, really. We think our dog is the best. The sweetest, the cutest, the cuddliest, the smartest, we can’t even imagine loving another dog as much as him… what if the next dog is just a pain in the rear end to have around? What if it’s one of those really, really dumb dogs that never learns anything and ruins everything. It’s a possibility, but a very very slim one I believe. Every dog I’ve ever owned has been the best of the best, beloved, honorable, loved. It’s a huge possibility I think that because they were mine.

{and once it’s ours and part of our family – I know we’ll love it regardless of whatever negative traits it may have – just like my family continues to love me anyway ;)}


So I need advice from the dog owners out there: Would you recommend having two or keeping our only child?

Give me the good AND the bad of the situation, please.

We would really love any input you may have in this little decision we’re trying to make here.


In the end, I really do wish I could just ask Hendrix what he thought. How simple would that be?


Just to clear up something I left open - just because in my mind it was clear, but i forgot that you can’t read my mind… we are talking about adopting a dog that is as close to the size of Hendrix as possible, for the primary reason of the two being able to play safely. We are not looking for a particular breed, especially since we want to rescue a dog and many rescues are mixes, just as our dog is now – a rescued mix.

I do know this – I like long haired dogs – which we can go ahead and add to the negative points… more hair around the house to vacuum. YUCK!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I’ve been planning this…



…long since I knew red paint would be involved with this wall.

The anticipation has almost killed me =)


I planned to surprise him with it for Valentine’s Day – but the paint progress hadn’t gone as quickly as planned.

I did, at least, get it done in time for him to come home from school to find it.

I asked him to take the dog out, but he told me the dog just wanted to eat right then… arrrrrrrrrgh. Just take the bait, Nick.

I have no patience or composure with surprises, but I made it the 4 whole minutes it took him to finally take the dog outside without breaking down and blurting it out. He got to the base of the stairs before this big sign of endearment hit him square in the face.




I think he knows now. I love him.

It’s a big love – about 8 feet high by 16 feet wide to my estimation.

It will be sad to paint over it, but I already know this is one picture that will be blown up bigger than most for the wall.

Just in case he should need a reminder.♥


Monday, February 15, 2010

It’s starting to stick!!


and NO, I’m not talking about the snow. Although it is sticking.


Might I add, it’s also the first snow I’ve got to enjoy this winter, the first snow I didn’t have to risk it all to get to work, and I’m loving it!


I’m crossing my fingers Nick’s grad school gets called off tomorrow. Though UK didn’t call off today, so I don’t have a lot of hope in the matter.

{and even though I do have to go to work tomorrow – it isn’t till 4… so I’m hoping the Nickster and I can build a snowman tomorrow, which I have done in years and which we’ve never done together. Wouldn’t it be nice…}




Don’t you love when the neighbor girl {I’m guessing she’s around 10 years old} trots through your yard with a gun while you’re taking pictures of the snow… I sure do.

{This is weird, right?}

and yes, I did blur her face to protect her identity… but I just had to show you one of the moments I actually caught on film of the weird family across the street.

{They carry this gun when they walk their German Shepherd. Who is never on a leash… because they said he respects the gun… SO weird.}



As for the “it’s starting to stick” – I’m not talking about the 6th coat of magnetic paint I’ve put on this wall in the basement either.



What IS starting to stick?




So glad the paint actually works!

Now one more coat of magnetic paint {because I want it reallyreallyreally strong} and two coats of “Burning Bush” red that I just had mixed at Lowe’s today, and IT’S DONE!!

{Well, the painting will be done… then we need to find a gas fireplace, have Nick’s dad hook it up, pick out all of our favorite pictures to print out to stick with magnets on the art wall AND find a huge mirror that I can make a tile mosaic around to place above the fireplace…. not too much left to do ;)}



Our Valentine’s Day was very sweet… my extremely intelligent and sweet hubby bought me beautiful potted calla lilies.

I have mixed feelings about cut flowers – especially with the V-Day mark-up – but these are GENIUS! He’s the best…

We went to see “Valentine’s Day” at the movies {pretty cute} and Nick made crab cakes for dinner.

In fact, he made enough that we had them again tonight!



Now off to sit by the fire and watch a movie with the hubs. ♥

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Updated: I’m featuring this on Remodelaholic today – sorry it’s from February but I love to share =)

It’s been a long time since I told you I would post these few before and after shots.

My bad… please except my sincerest apologies and read on!


Remember this brassy, sassy lamp? My mom was going to yard sale/giveaway/donate it… but thought to ask me if I wanted it first.




I mean, come on, look at the gorgeous lampshade that comes with it – who would turn it down?!


d IMG_3927

I first thought I would spray paint the lamp base, since I loved the shape, but buy a new lampshade.

Have you been shopping for lampshades?? There’s not much to choose from, the plane jane’s they have are way too pricey for something so cheap looking, and you won’t find many oversized shades out there – and this one is HUGE.

I got my inspiration for the hot glue-gun and fabric lampshade re-do from Centsational Girl.

See here for her tutorials and several of her own DIY lampshade re-dos.








I did not take my time with this project… I rushed it and it turned out sub-par.

But thanks to the wrinkly nature of the fabric, all of my haphazard crafting is disguised rather well.

AFTER all of this hot-gluing and hurried struggling, I flipped the switch and realized the dingy yellowed lampshade shows through the blue fabric making it pea-soup green. I wish I had thought of it before and painted the inside, but I will still do so now… just with a little extra effort since the fabric’s already in place. Despite all of that – I really do love it!



and the sidetable that the new, repurposed lamp found a home atop?

That’s my auction find, which I paid all of 5 bucks for and spray painted in the garage last week. With just the little additions of the lamp and side table, I feel like the family room is more put together now - which is a very peaceful feeling.




At the very same auction, I bought this rusty, down-right nasty old birdcage.

My sister scoffed at it’s nastiness.

My mom said she trusted that I could do something beautiful with it. Thanks, mom!




I did do something with this ugly, fake bird that lived amongst the rust.



This little fella’ now lives on a big piece of land, where he is no longer caged and can fly free with other ugly bird friends.

It’s a magical place, which I believe they call a landfill…

Sounds to me like a land to fulfill your dreams in.

Hope he’s happy there ;)


I’m happy he’s gone and I’m happy I picked up that ugly cage, saw the potential, and happily painted it white.



I also saw this “R” at Hobby Lobby. It was black – I spray painted it white too and used my trusty hot-glue gun again to attach it.

I think it adds some “oomph” and makes a better front than that other design you now see in the back.



Last AND least of the before and afters:

BEFORE: me – healthy, energetic, crafty, a busy bee of sorts

AFTER: me – snotty, sniffling, moping, throat on fire – yet still busy with NO energy to spare


My survival arsenal:


I’m on my third box of tissues and using everything else I can think of in my little brain to soothe the beast myself.

I must say that I’m doing a lot better today – though I’m still working around the house {painting, laundry, the usual stuff…} – it’s not the 13 hour day I put in at work yesterday. I really do have to be near-death to call in, I mean – I’M THE FILL-IN PHARMACIST – who’s going to fill-in for the sick fill-in????


Funnily enough, when customers needed to “consult the pharmacist” yesterday for help with their various ailments, I didn’t do my usual “this is what I would recommend…”

Instead, it was more like “Wellllllllll, *sniff* *sniff* *sneeze* *blow for 10 minutes in a tissue*  this is what I’m taking…”

I think it made them trust my judgment even more so than normal ;)


On a happier note:

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone tomorrow!!!

{Can you imagine just how hot my date with my husband will be when I lean in to kiss him with neosporin rubbed all over my Rudolph-red, tissue rubbed raw nose?? Yeah, that’s hot =)}

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

the winner is...

If you didn't win this giveaway, stick around - I already have another extra fabulous giveaway in the works with a very cool sponsor soon. {That I will be super jealous of and am currently trying to figure out how I can rig it so that I win... so far, no ideas on how I could work that one.}

If you'd also like to sponsor a giveaway on our blog to feature your product, etsy store, crafty services, etc. - contact me: robertslove{at}live{dot}com

Now... the winner is... the really super cute-as-pie, Mateya from the blog "Our Journey from Iraq to the Altar"... and she's engaged to be married in October! Hope this will get put to some good use =) Congrats, lady!

Please continue to pray for my friend and her family during the loss of her mother. I will be out of town for the next few friends to be with her and to attend the services.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

decorating for the month of love

My Valentine’s decor is up for the very first time!

I’ve never decorated for this little holiday before and found it difficult to avoid the kindergarten classroom look.

Even with the childish feel, I’m feeling pretty festive and love walking in to see it each day, which equals a decorating success in my book.



Burlap heart tutorial HERE.




Yarn wrapped foam form hearts – adapted from THIS tutorial.







The one decoration my dear hubby could do without – the red feather boa on the coffee table.

I do understand. It’s not so classy or even pretty. But it is kinda’ fun and it is staying for the short month of February.

{And really - I think I might even be a little worried if he did like the boa… ahem, Elton John…}


Looking very “teacher-ish” and fitting in well with my elementary decor.







My cupcakes {from a fun night with friends to celebrate my 26th!} fit in nicely with these sweetie pie dish towels.







I honestly bought these cookie cutters to use, ya know, for cookies and instead, ended up finding they worked well as decorations too.

Very sweet!



Friday night, Baby K stopped by to share some of my cupcakes and yummy ice cream cake my girlies brought me!



Being the new crawling mover and shaker she is, she noticed a few of my finished projects from my birthday to-do list, like this birdcage…


…and this side table, lamp base AND shade.



Baby K was just begging for more cake and ice cream details on my DIY projects.

Don’t worry, girl! Before and after shots of these and more from this past week to come!

{I love nothing more than a good bunch of before and after shots. You won’t be disappointed ;)}

We also have a new follower of the week who blogs over at The Merrick Family. Thanks for following, Tiffany!

P.S. I’d also like to take a moment to ask you to pray for my friend and her family in the passing of her mother. I am devastated by this news and my heart is so heavy for them. Please pray for their peace, comfort, and courage to get through the days to come.