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Friday, October 29, 2010

homicidal pharmer strikes again


This time: a DOUBLE homicide!

{A scary story for you, just in time for Halloween.}



Yesterday was one FUN day in the pharmacy.

I was already in a particularly good mood since it was my last day to work before the 3 day weekend.

To top it all off, I got not one, but TWO visits from people near and dear to me.



This first one you may recognize:



He seems to get featured around here a lot. Maybe because we’re all married to each other and junk – maybe not.


But to be honest, even though he’s the most gorgeous man I’ve ever immunized, this may have been my worst flu shot experience to date.



The picture above is really only pretend. He actually got his real flu shot a few moments after that from a composed, more mature pharmacist. {Still talking about me here, but I can see how you’d be thrown off by the word “mature”.}


You see, Mr. Roberts failed to mention to me {ya know, in the almost 6 years we’ve been together} that he use to get his blood drawn regularly in high school because of a medicine he was taking. More importantly, that he use to pass out after the procedure.

So it came as quite a shock to me that when all was said and done and the immunization went off without a hitch, that the man starts breaking out in a sweat and says he doesn’t think he can stand up just yet.

Of course, my mind starts racing and I start to panic with thoughts that he may be having an allergic reaction and start SERIOUSLY considering the next steps in the process should a patient show signs of a serious anaphylactic allergic reaction:

911, CPR, and the use of an EpiPen.



Do you know anything about EpiPens?


If you do, you know they’re nowhere near fun. The “fun” first picture above is pretty true to life of how you have to stab this large needle of epinephrine into a patient’s leg – a patient who is already starting to pass out, unable to breath, and who’s heart is beating out of control.


I hate to break it to you, but it’s painful. Not that I’ve ever experienced it and THANK GOD never had to actually even do it, but I’ve heard from those who have been on both ends of the deal – it sucks.

Soon enough though, he’s got a bottle of water, feeling better and we laugh it off. I call him at least 3 more times after he’s left to make sure I don’t need to race home, a crazy woman, needle in hand, ready to stab my husband in order to save his life.

I think the neighbors would have just thought it was part of some Halloween side-show act we were putting on for their own entertainment =)



I had a much better experience with my other sweet visitor of the day:


{For real: could my ugly pharmacist face match my ugly pharmacist get-up any better in both pictures??? SCARY for sure…}


Britney was a trooper, not phased for a second. I also know she’s still alive today since she posted on her blog about the experience.


YAY for no actual homicides from flu vaccinations!!!!

{I really hope this isn’t scaring anyone out of being vaccinated – WoOpS.}

Baby K even got a lollipop from the nicest pharmacist in all the land;)

It lasted for only a little while until she decided it was more fun to gag herself with it then to just eat it.

Better luck next year – both with the husband’s flu shot and K’s lollipop(!)


Hoping everyone has a safe and happy Halloween weekend!!!!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mums the word


It’s no secret our landscaping is lacking.

A few bushes thrown here and there and a few flowers popping up in the spring… That pretty much wraps it up in a nutshell.

Put it this way: there’s not a soul slowing down to check out the Roberts’ foliage. That’s for danged sure.

But Nick and I did happen to bring home some mums the other day, which I risked my life for by sitting in the cargo area to protect them from falling over and damaging their gorgeous blooms.

{The backseat was full with the purple mums…}


Okay. So the garden center is only a half mile from our house.

This lady doesn’t drive without a seatbelt – thus, it was, life risking.

I love the pop of color they’ve added to our dessert front yard and the little time it took to plant them!


IMG_5633 IMG_5637


I didn’t want the neighbors to get too jealous of our now, overly manicured landscaping, so I uglied it up a bit.

Meet my only outdoor Halloween decoration, Mr. Jazzy.

He sort of looks like he’s always saying “Wuzzup?!” to the neighbors, doesn’t he?



I’m such an over achiever in the decorating department, I know.


What’s scarier than Mr. Jazzy up there?

Nick and I got to ride out a tornado warning in the basement today while watching Paranormal Activity.

Seeing that my nerves are already shot being smack dab in the middle of a 64 hour work week, it wasn’t the smartest decision to make on my one day off.

Can’t wait for the upcoming 3 day weekend of Halloween mischief!

***And once it’s over – is anyone else contemplating throwing up some Christmas decorations in early November??? =) I toying with the idea still…

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

pumpkin stink-eye


My little cousin, who lives closer to me these days since she began college this fall, came over for a slumber party this past weekend.

I texted her before we met up to see if she wanted to carve a pumpkin while she was visiting with us. This was her response:



Pretty enthusiastic, right?

She said she hadn’t carved a pumpkin since she was 8 or 9 years old.

How sad :(

But then I thought… GREAT – the girl doesn’t know how much work it is and will quickly leave the rest to us and retreat to texting on her blackberry or creepin’ {as she calls it} on facebook.


She did the whole thang herself – came up with the idea, cleaned out all the seeds and goop, traced perfect circles, and went about actually carving it.

College must be really rubbing off on her ;)



I was impressed to say the least.



and I never miss a chance to take a crazy killer picture…


See what I mean?

{dressed as Ginger Spice from the Spice girls – Halloween – circa 2008}


Sydney with her finished creation:



She calls this work of art “the Stink Eye” – ???

Girl cracks me up, constantly.



Later in the week, I was taking a picture of the mini gourds on my coffee table and realized after it uploaded it that someone in the background was giving me the stink eye!!!!




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Monday, October 18, 2010

locks of love


11 inches gone!



and for a great cause =)

I may have literally gagged while Justin was cutting off this ponytail, but I haven’t regretted it a second since.

and this was waaaaaay back on October 5th – I haven’t been sharing much lately have I?


{If you live near Lexington and are looking for a fabulous stylist – Allure Spa, ask for Justin. You’ll thank me later =)}


I think I may be a short hair convert now!!

I feel “polished”, like I may have an actual “style” instead of the long mess I’ve been sporting for years. Or, as my friend Ashley called it, very “pharmacistish” =)


It even looks half-way decent if I have to go to a THIRD day without a wash.

Holy cow.

I use to wash my hair everyday when it was long and there are few things I hate more than a hair dryer – the heat, the noise, the dizziness from flipping my head over.

I’m loving it. I do miss my ponytail when it’s time for a face wash, but other than that, I only threw it in a ponytail when it was grimy… by the end of the DAY!


Later that same week, I posted this photo of my experimental, curly mop I went crazy on with a mini curling iron on Facebook with the caption:

“Little Orphan Annie came to visit today! 20 years later, grown up, married, working as a pharmacist, has a sweet little fur child. Seems like it's not such a "hard knocked life" for the girl anymore. Just wish she could find a new hair style after 26 years...”



I’ll have to reattempt the Christina Applegate look I was going for after it gets a little longer:

…and I get a little wilder ;)

{I searched for a good picture of her to show you the look I want – I couldn’t believe this little montage was perfect to show it from different angles AND to keep it entertaining!}


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Monday, October 11, 2010

vaccination retaliation



I finally got my revenge. My revenge for years under my parents’ roof, being told what to do, forcing me to keep good grades, keeping me from slacking off and maintaining a grueling study schedule through out years of undergrad and then pharmacy school.

{Okay – that last “grueling study schedule” comment – a total joke.}

My revenge was to sweetly immunize my mom with protection against influenza.

What a great daughter I am!



Doesn’t my mom look a little apprehensive?



My dad took these pictures and he DID NOT let me give him a flu shot.

Meaning I’ll have to plan something different for him…


{my evil laugh.}



Study hard children – you’ll get your revenge one day!!


I’ve been gone for a while, not due to blogger’s block since I have a list of things I want to show and tell… but for pure lack of motivation. Life has been busy, with work and social time and I am truly enjoying it. Every moment in down time has been devoted to cuddling with my sweetie and SLEEP!

I apologize for my absence and intend to hit this blog up with several posts very soon. Stay tuned =)


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P.S. – Have you got your flu shot yet??! If not, I know some eager beaver Meijer pharmacists that would love to help you out…