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Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Beginnings All Around!

So the very first post as well as the first blog name was DELETED. I was suffering from insomnia, a.k.a wedding madness, and thought it was a good idea to finally start that blog I always meant to at 4 a.m. on this past July 4th. Not a good idea... lots of rambling and run-on non-sensical sentences. But now that the wedding madness, as well as the wedding and honeymoon have now passed and we are approaching our BIG 2 week anniversary (yay!), I thought it was the right time to have a new blog beginning.

I'm 99% sure I, (Stephanie), will be the only one writing any posts, as well as the only one visiting the blog for a while ;) The whole deal just means so much to me to document our new lives together and be able to look back at my "digital diary" of posts, pics, and videos. We are so excited for the future and I hope to be able to let our family and friends in on any of it that may be remotely interesting. Cheers to the future!