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Monday, September 30, 2013

life updates and Little Mermaid giveaway winner


Potty training has been in full force this weekend… and that’s been about the extent of my “life updates” and everything that my life entails right now.

While he definitely “gets it” and has been going in the potty since as soon as we took that first diaper off and let him run free, there have been numerous misses in between. It looks like the absolute opposite of what I assumed would happen… our boy absolutely stops what he’s doing and runs to the potty for #2 {Yay! for tiny miracles} but for #1, he’d rather continue to play through the puddling.


My pants-less boy!:

all aboard!


My hands feel like they could crack and bleed any moment from all the clorox wipes, constant hand washing and alcohol hand sanitizer.

My tip for those about to potty train that they seem to leave out of the books: gloves to save your hands and industrial strength hand lotion.



and in case you didn’t catch this *jewel* of a story/Lucy moment on my Instagram, let me relive it for you here:

After two days of all encompassing potty training, I got a little 30 minute break to walk the dog and zone out. Of course the dog does his business and I clean up, toss it in a street trash can and walk on just to find out he needs to go AGAIN (unusual for him) in a yard where neighbors are out and about and see me walk on without a picking up since I'm now bag-less and ashamed. With all the poo/pee/potty madness at home, you’d think a little walk could at least sweep me away from it for a just a little bit?!

I then walk on home to find this bottle, randomly on the curb...



In the midst of frustration, did I really need an adult beverage taunting me in the street… from  a"Kentucky Gentleman" no less? ;) {I swear we don't live in the ghetto and this is not a common occurrence in our “hood”… just the irony of my life as usual.}

Then, just to make a long story even longer, as I typed this story to share with Instagram, Houston sat in the floor crying after a spanking, peed a puddle and preceded to splash in it with glee. Seriously. I. Can. Not. Catch. A. Break.

{First world problems… seriously, it’s all good and we’ve been getting some good chuckles out of yet another beautiful mess we found ourselves in now that we’re in this particular stage of parenting our happy, healthy, hilarious 2 year old!}




While I apologize for not announcing the giveaway winner last week as I had planned, sadly, on Friday, I was out of town for the funeral of a family friend, gone too soon at the age of 24. This entire past week has been a sad one and mind numbing when I try to wrap my head around what happened and the fact that he’s gone. I would sincerely appreciate prayers for his family and the long road to healing they have ahead of them.



Without further adieu, the winner of THE LITTLE MERMAID Diamond Edition 2-Disc Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack with Digital Copy is Beth who said:

“I would love to win this so I could share it with my niece who is now my age when I first saw it.”

So excited for you girl and I hope your niece LOVES it! Please email me in the next 24 hours with your mailing address so we can send it straight to you: robertslove {at} live {dot} com


More updates to come as we journey farther into this potty training adventure!




Monday, September 23, 2013

there's a common theme between Mondays and Potty Training...

Mondays are hard enough. 

A Monday after working the weekend on a 7 day work day stretch, a little tougher

Knowing there's a 4 day weekend waiting for me at the end of that stretch - PHENOMENAL!

Using the 4 day weekend to potty train a certain two year old little boy?... Eek. 

Honestly though, I'm a little excited. Having lots of one-on-one time with this love of mine is just what this working momma needs right now. Getting him out of diapers at the same time...

Could any career success even come CLOSE to matching that high?!

Somehow, this potty training adventure took me by surprise. I was waiting for some magical sign that this little dude was "ready" to train. I figured around 2 1/2 - 3 we'd start working on it. This momma was in nooooo hurry. 

But then I stumbled on the "3 day method" and while there's lots of e-books out there they all pretty much have the same premise: stay at home for 3 days with either a completely naked from the waist down child or have them wear only underwear, then let the fun start rolling as they learn, through messes, "when" to know to GO. Most methods also say the older they are, the tougher the case may be, so I decided to strike while the iron was hot... and before winter hit and my naked boy was potty training in chilly temperatures ;)

Sounds like a blast, eh? I'm hoping we have a quick learner on our hands and I'm cautiously optimistic. We shall see!


We've had a few instances lately where he would rather run sans diaper around the house and has done so without any accidents. I'm hoping this means he dislikes the diaper and will LOOOOVVVE the very awesome "Thomas" and "Cars" briefs that I bought to plan to bribe him with... 

Bribes, after all, have a decent track record with kids and this boy is allll about him some Thomas the Tank Engine. 

Any advice for this new adventure before we start on Friday? I'd love to hear it all! I most definitely will be updating on our success/failures next week. Hopefully more success to report than failure - fingers crossed!


Friday, September 20, 2013

The Little Mermaid DVD set GIVEAWAY!

Friday funday giveaway!!!

I absolutely adore this giveaway and am so happy to spread my intense mermaid adoration with the world ;)

 HANDS DOWN, no lie, The Little Mermaid is BY FAR my favorite Disney movie... maybe it's the red hair {I have to be somewhat partial as a ginger myself}, maybe it's how awesome the entire musical soundtrack is {I've had every song memorized since about 6th grade and still absolutely JAM to them}, or maybe it's dreamy Prince Eric {is it strange that he's my favorite Disney prince and that I have a cartoon crush on him to this day???} 

True story: when I needed to sing to Houston at night as a baby (and even now) or even humm, the only song and lyrics that have ever came easily to me was "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. I have a full choreographed routine to match, mostly spinning around and looking up as I sing and pretend to be floating up to the surface, jazz hands includes of course, but it doesn't get broken out that often these days... ;)
Whatever the case may be, this movie is FINALLY back out of the vault and being released. I have the absolute PLEASURE {no, really, I'm freakishly thrilled to be doing this!} to giveaway one of THE LITTLE MERMAID Diamond Edition 2-Disc Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack with Digital Copy. 

It's simple, if you're a U.S. or Canada resident, leave a comment letting me know you'd like to win. Share this giveaway on any other social media site and leave another comment letting me know to receive additional chances to win. 

I'll announce the winner by random drawing next Friday on this blog :) 

Happy weekending, all!


I received a copy of the movie in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Summer... lately

We have had one of the busiest, most eventful, FUN summers I can remember in a loooooong, long time.
As much as I miss blogging, I'm not even sorry I haven't been around :) I wouldn't trade that time I've had away with my boys and the rest of my family and friends for the world!
I will be looking back fondly at this summer for years to come.
{Though technically these days, if you follow me on instagram - which is crazy addicting for this girl- you're pretty well caught up with this family! It's like a mini-blog almost, no?!}
2013, The summer we...
...took a "second honeymoon" to Excellence Playa Mujeres in Mexico and celebrated 5 years of marriage!
... the summer this boy really BLOOMED into a little boy, complete with becoming absolutely WILD, hilarious, non-stop energy and IN LOVE with anything that "goes": planes, trains and automobiles all day and night!

... the summer we took on home improvement projects together, the biggest being tiling the backsplash - a full two walls under cabinetry in our kitchen - and we SURVIVED each other ;)

... the summer we talked about, dreamed about, and AWAITED the arrival of a certain little girl for my sweet sister and brother-in-law.

... the summer we took every moment we possibly could to spend with dear friends that we don't get to see nearly often enough and whose lives are changing just as crazy fast as ours have!

... the summer we celebrated the SECOND birthday of the cutest little boy I know.

... the summer we celebrated the big numero dose again together with his Mimmie's big 60th birthday!
... the summer we played, played, and played some MORE!
...the summer Isabel LeAnn finally made her big debut on Labor Day and stole all of our hearts, the way only little girls can do!


...the summer she made those two above become parents for the first time, made some grandparents for the first time, gave Houston his first cousin, and made Nick and I an uncle and aunt for the first time♥

...the summer we celebrated #2 for a THIRD time in a big, big way!

...the summer Houston was a ring bearer and broke hearts with that adorable face and bow tie combo walking next to the prettiest fairy princess you ever did see. 

...the summer I relished every moment and thanked God for these two greatest blessings to spend my days with, the best days of my life.
While each of these little clips deserve their own posts, {in the making!}, I now go happily, MERRILY into fall. Summer left me smiling and spent and I gladly welcome the cooler weather, my favorite season and a much lighter schedule than what we've been experiencing this summer.
Hoping your summer has been just as peachy!