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Sunday, August 31, 2008

PPP - Pharmacy Pool Party

Last Friday, Nick and I were invited to a pool party at the house of a sweet couple who are both pharmacists at Pikeville Medical Center. We had a lot of fun watching all the kids swim and played guitar hero well into the night.

Jenny, Hendrix, & Elisabeth

Beth, and her adorable daughter, Sophie.

My preceptor Kristen and I. This is a moment finally caught on film that happens on a day to day basis when I'm at work. She's scary, but she makes me learn. Supposedly she won "Preceptor of the Year" at UK last year, but it's strange how all her students seemingly start "walking into doors" during her rotation.

The real Kris and Stephanie. We have so much fun!

Two of my favorite people finally got to meet and chat it up!

Thanks, Joe and Shawn, for a great time!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

You gotta fight... for your right... to PARRRRRTY!

Mom's 55th Birthday and Retirement Party
Jenny Wiley Dam
August 29th, 2008

Thank you to everyone who came! We had the best time and my mom was tickled pink.

The birthday girl with her gift from Dad... a nifty new camcorder that she can take on their Grand Canyon trip next month. It's so smaaaalllll and BLUE!

My bro-in-law and sister: the master minds of the party.

My Dad... probably wishing he was retiring. I see another party in our future...

Nick with his parents, Karen and Bob.

My dad's side of the family. Cousins Sydney, Sarah, and Taryn, aunt Laverne and my Granny.

I loved her "blackboard" cake!

This is a little boy from church who thought this old people's party wasn't exciting enough for him and that he should go play in the creek instead. He said he took a slice of cucumber from the cook-out, dangled it in the water, then grabbed the fish. It was HILARIOUS.

Jackie with our little one. He was quite loved at the party.

Hanging out at the parents after the party, we decided to experiment to see if the balloons were enough to lift little Hendrix. They weren't.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today, the most wonderful and most influential woman in my life is having a birthday. Tomorrow she will be retiring from teaching math, science, and respect your elders 101. Of course, I'm talking about my gorgeous, loving, anti-aging, intelligent and extremely talkative mother. She has sacrificed much to provide her girls and family with everything we could ever need or want and has always been the glue that holds our family together. I am so blessed to have her for a mother and I have always said if given the choice, I wouldn't trade my parents (or my life for that matter) for anyone else's in the entire world!

What I've heard, from just getting off the phone with her, she had a great next-to-last day at school where her friends threw her a party that started after school and last till late into the evening. Tomorrow, my family will be throwing her a birthday/retirement party with lots of friends from every facet of my social butterfly mom's life. We'll be grilling out and playing games at Jenny Wiley Dam which I'm sure will be a blast. And I'm sure I'm going to hear about these pictures and how she would rather me not put them on the blog. Too bad, mom, but Happy Birthday anyway!

I love you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lovin' Life

Our weekend consisted mostly of a swimming party with all the pharmacists and pharmacy crew from Pikeville Hospital (on Friday) and playing rock band (the entire rest of the weekend). Being the loving wife I am, I gave Nick a wii, wii Fit, and Rock Band as his wedding gifts. He gave me a girl's best friend, diamonds in the form of a gorgeous bracelet. ANYWAY, we finally had time to bust out the rock band this weekend and we've been having a blast ever since. We've even held our own "Rock Band Olympics". Nick won; I threw a temper tantrum. Good sportsmanship means nothing to me :)

The tough rocker?

A cute, bored Hendrix.

Yet another game Hendrix was trying to ruin for me by sleeping on/next to my feet. How can I play a decent drum solo without adequate access to the pedal? Guess he doesn't care, as usual.

We are having so much fun with our little pup! He's a true joy and extra excitement in our already blessed day to day lives! I recommend you go out and get one ASAP.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bake Sale Phenomenon!

The bake sale was an amazing success! Many lovely people donated so many yummy treats that we couldn't fit it all on 3 long tables at the same time... we actually had to wait for some things to sale and be gone before we brought out the rest of the stuff - which didn't take long. People were constantly swarming the table and going away with so many items they often asked for a plastic bag to help them carry all their goodness home with them. We were completely amazed at how fast things were disappearing. There were also many monetary donations to the cause which brought our total to....

Drum-roll please....

$961 !!!!!!!!!!!

And that was just the last total I heard and may be higher as donations seemed to keep rolling in throughout the day. Can you believe almost a grand was made at a little bake sale over only about 3 hours? AND IT WAS FUN?!! There's talk of possibly another one to raise more money for breast cancer -OR- possibly a monthly bake sale, PMC pharmacy sponsored, for different charities because of the phenomenal success of Tuesday's. That rocks.

Kristen with the pleasingly EMPTY tables at the end of the bake sale!

Special thanks to my mom for her treats and donation, as well as to my mother-in-law for her famous chex-mix and other sweets! I love my two moms ;)

In other news... I think our little Hendrix may be growing up! Yesterday, after a bath, (which went a bit better than last time), and a little hair trim, I noticed one of his ears sticking straight up. I tried to lay it down but it was STUCK there. He's not perking them up to listen and the other ear never stands up.

Nick, of course, thought I did something to him since I bathed him, brushed and clipped him all by myself, but I doubt any of those traumatizing events would cause one's ear to stand straight up. I believe this is a preview of what's to come... growing up. Before long, that other cute, little, floppy ear will be standing up as well. I just don't think he had the strength to do both at once. And what if the other one never perks up? Well, that's just plain cute!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's up with that?!

The phone rang at work today.

Good story already, huh?

One of the pharmacists answered it, then yelled for me in the next room.

"Hey, Stephanie!"


"What's your last name?"

"Uhhhh, Roberts." (I still have to think about my answer, as it's a new name and all. Kind of sounds like I don't know my name. Kind of how I studder out my age for at least 6 months after my birthday. They call me strawberry-blonde.)

Joe, the lady pharmacist, then asks. "What's your old last name?"

"Dye." (I'm quicker with this one. Been usin' that name for a little while.)

"Okay then, the phone's for you."

Who was on the other end, asking for Stephanie Dye, instead of the new Mrs. Roberts? My husband (he's just plain blonde). Looks like a month isn't long enough to get use to a good thing. One day we will both be able to mutter out the Roberts without hesitation. Until then, practice makes perfect.

1 Month - Still Married! ;)

Happy 1 month anniversary to my darling husband!

Enjoy some silly pictures from the day before the wedding... which is when we decided to last minute go get our marriage license. We had to wait quite a while to get in the office and I, of course, took this time to take pictures. Thankfully, we still made it to the rehearsal on time!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Unrequited Love

Hendrix's attempt to have some dog'gun fun with Casey. It was pretty fun to watch them interact and see such big differences between the young and the old. I do believe Casey was starting to warm up to him before we left. Though I know she will never return his love for bouncing around like a bunny rabbit, maybe next time she will at least tolerate him.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Nick and I decided to drop in on my parents on Saturday evening and show them their new "grand-puppy". Also, Hendrix loves other animals and I thought it would be sweet to let him meet my 12 year old Sheltie, Casey. Hendrix LOVED Casey. Casey could not have cared less and probably preferred he leave as soon as possible. Too much energy for my older, arthritic dog.

Hendrix loved the big yard to play in... Hopefully, by next summer, he'll be in our new house and won't be so jealous of other dogs and their yards.

Mom loved her new grand-son.

Casey DID NOT think this was funny.
After dinner, the four of us decided to compete on a few Wii Fit games. If you read the last post, you might remember how I mentioned that Hendrix loves to lay on your feet or by your feet if that's all he can get. Especially if he's tired.

Did Hendrix know he could hurt my game on the Wii Fit board by curling up between my feet? Nope.

We transferred him to his crate to finish his nap. Much more comfortable and no one's down hill ski gets screwed up.

Mom finishing up a good run on the "slopes".

Rearview of Nick gearing up to ski.

Front view.

Dad, hoola-hooping. A video of this would have been gold.

It's a BOY!

We've extended the family! We added a little boy to the mix last Tuesday, August 12th. He has been extremely entertaining thus far, as well as a little bit of an increase in our daily responsibilities. I promise, they don't get any cuter than this! He was born June 24th, almost 8 weeks old and weighs an entire 2 pounds. Part toy poodle, part pomeranian = a pomapoo! We adopted him from a shelter in Williamson, WV. His estimated adult weight is around 7 pounds, but with the way he eats, I think he'll be a little bigger...

His name is Hendrix. Yes, like Jimi Hendrix. No, he is not his namesake. Just that they both coincidently have really cool names.

Nick loves him!... but how could you not?!

Things he likes to do so far:
  • Laying on top of your feet... if you stand still for 3 seconds, he'll seemingly come out of nowhere to plop on top of your footsies. He keeps my little piggies warm in the morning when I'm doing my make-up :)
  • Bouncing off the walls, rolling around, sliding on the hardwood floor, chasing his ball, tug-o-war with his little rope, and any toy that squeaks.
  • Exploring new surroundings - he's not afraid of anything! He loves people, animals, things he can chew on, things he can pee on... Truly, we've been walking him in different neighborhoods, visiting both sets of grandparents, and he's so excited to greet everyone and thing we meet.
  • PEEING! But he's doing really great with finding the potty pad and going outside whenever we take him. I'm such a proud mommy.
  • Learning to climb stairs. He's amazingly powerful. He'll be scaling large buildings before you know it.
  • CUDDLING! Just what I needed in my puppy.
  • Loving on my teddy bears that I so unselfishly put in his crate so he didn't feel lonely at night. And I mean he loooooves on them. I won't go into any further details.

My new nap partner.

Can you spot the puppy within all the fluff? These are the bears I mentioned. I don't think I'll be getting them back anytime soon.

The one thing he hates: baths! He's just a little wet rat without all the fur.