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Friday, November 02, 2012

toddlers and finger painting?


I don’t know exactly when kids are supposed to get the hang of finger painting.

I’m also not sure why I decided it would be such a hit to finger paint in the middle of the kitchen floor on a huge canvas tarp instead of just propping him up in his highchair {a confined space} and letting him go to town.


Hindsight is 20/20…

Also: you can’t buy common sense.


Alas, we had fun anyway, even if it wasn’t the most logical way to combine a toddler and finger paints!





In all of my genius moments of clarity on this specific day, I did not foresee the possibility of him sticking his fingers in paint and then crawling away at lightening speed. I was completely ready to quickly swat those paint covered fingers away from his mouth, but NOT prepared for them to cover the stove/dishwasher/cabinets/fridge!



Eh, you live and learn.

Here’s an action shot before I had to put the camera down to try to catch him…




Back to playing with the paint pots instead of actually painting like mommy told him to.




Crazy boy :)




It truly wasn’t all that much mess in the end and LOOK!

I now get to be the proud momma displaying her son’s very first piece of artwork on my fridge.


finger painting 


Seriously, I lovelovelove seeing this every day!♥

This will eventually get framed and hung for life as his first painting.


{and yes, that is his Valentine’s Day card still hanging on our fridge.}



Next week I have TWO awesome giveaways going on PERFECT for holiday gift giving…. it is almost that time again!!!


Happy weekending!





  1. I am normally just a stalker, not a commenter, but today was the day to break my silence! I've been following since your anonymous blog :)And always check your blog FIRST to see if you have new posts!! My cousin lets her baby (2yr/o) finger paint in the BATHTUB! I thought that was very clever... I can't believe you actually have time to blog with a very active baby running around.. but I am SO GLAD you do!!

  2. I LOVE finger painting it's always fun! We do it outside though haha. They make fingerpaints that don't stain hahaha I was a fan of those for indoors.

  3. So fun!!! Your little guy is just so cute!

  4. Wow that was really interesting, altought i would add few more deeper thoughtsestetik

  5. We collect magnets as well. Love the painting!

  6. Yikes. We collect magnets too, but never any that portray racist images. I've been a reader for a while, and am totally shocked of how proud you are of your "mammy" magnet. Hopefully you don't have any Black friends over who may get insulted by it.

    1. Hi Dani!
      I absolutely apologize that my magnet was offensive to you. It just so happens that we were in the famous market place in Charleston and had the chance to speak to the sweetest black lady for 45 minutes about her life and family - she was 80 years old and didn't act or look a day over 40. She spoke with such love for her family, showed up all of their pictures in her pocket book and we shared stories about Houston and her great-grandchild who was Houston's age. She was selling the expensive straw weaved baskets that are notorious there along with other souveneirs. We were picking out a magnet with Charleston's cityscape on it when she "corrected" us and chose what you called a "mammy" magnet, saying it would always remind us of her. She was right! While all of our other travel magnets are in the basement on our picture wall, this one stays on my fridge reminding me of our chance encounter and what a great example of a Godly, loving, family woman Victoria was and to say a little prayer for her from time to time. I realize that growing up in different environments, having different experiences and different social interactions can lead two people to look at the same imaage with extremely different opinions. I hope you realize that as well and while I'm sorry you were offended, to answer you statement - my black friends and even my black and mixed family have visited and while none of them are the least shy to call me out, not one has spoken a word about it. "Ignorant" I may be, but I have never been called racist in my entire life and that certainly stings.


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