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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

the most monumental FIRST Halloween EVER.

… brace yourself, we have picture overload today!!

Poor Houston has been subjected to enough photo shoots in the month of October to last a lifetime. Sadly for him, this will only be the tip of the iceberg ;)


Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! So true…


It’s our boy’s first Halloween, therefore we must recap his first Halloween gift.

Who gives “Halloween gifts”?

Crazy people.

Grandparents that are crazy in love with this little guy, of course.



Who couldn’t love that little grinnin’ fool OR his new adorable teddy bear with it’s little blue paci?! Sooooooooo cute. Thanks, Mimmie and Poppy!



Have y’all every heard of Funkins? It was after that fact that I used every last weakling muscle in my arms to carve this huge honkin’ pumpkin that I had the brilliant idea that I should have just ran to Hobby Lobby and got one of those sweet, carvable fake pumpkins to plop my baby inside.


Hindsight is 20/20 people.


That being said, our baby pumpkin photo shoot went as well as could be expected. I’m kicking myself for accidently setting the camera on some stupid setting that shouldn’t even exist and getting dark pictures that I tried to lighten up on the computer but turned out grainy instead.



My precious, precious baby pumpkin!:






Anyone wonder whether our child will grow to need therapy????



Disclaimer: this pumpkin was carved days earlier, had dried out and was then lined with receiving blankets before we inserted our child. He is not in cold mushy gook and is actually cushioned quite nicely. The boy just didn’t want to be in the pumpkin… and I can’t quite blame him!



Mommy was quite sure she had scoured the stores and internet for costumes with sizes small enough for our tiny boy and had no such luck. I now know I must not be such a great mommy after seeing my friends and their tiny babies in costumes on Facebook :(



BUT! I had previously bought this cute little jersey and had a light-bulb moment on Halloween day that maybe this could be his costume.

I grabbed my best “indoor basketball” {hehehe…} and started yet another photo shoot =)



Proud mommy will be so happy to have these one day…



UK Men’s Basketball 2029, anyone?





Look what Halloween also brought us!

Houston and Wyatt finally met each other!!

What sweet trick or treat buddies they’re gonna be♥




and FINALLY, one more photo shoot since Halloween was also Houston’s 9 week milestone:



I know what you’re thinking…

“But, I thought you said you didn’t find a costume for Houston?”

and you’d be right.

I didn’t. But I did repurpose someone else’s Halloween costume from a couple years back.




Is it me or does he look like he just learned he’s wearing the dog’s old pumpkin costume?!

Yes, dear, mommy’s crazy. Just get used to it, son ;)



We had a fabulous FIRST Halloween with our babe and hope yours was just as fantastic as well!!



  1. What a cute post! When do you have to go back to work? Who will take care of your little dear, then? I don't have children but always interested to hear how people work those things out so I have lots of ideas for when I do have little angel on my own!

  2. too cute!!
    i really wanted to attempt the baby inside a pumpkin but my hubs wasn't too keen on the idea! maybe next year :)
    my little one got a halloween basket from the grandparents too haha!

  3. wow those are cutest photos! love the ones of him in the pumpkin...even if he didn't enjoy it :)

  4. hahah aww these are so cute and made me smile! It look like you all have a wonderful halloween. One day you and HIM will be so happy you did blog about his entire life. It will be so neat for him to look back on. I definitely wish I could do that and read about all the sweet things my mama did and said about me! :) He's a lucky lil man!

  5. Don't worry, I couldn't find a newborn costume this year either! I ended up making mine out of a scrap pile yesterday afternoon. I should have thought of that jersey, we have the same one! Houston is too, too cute!

  6. cracking me up!! Mine wore swaddles and hats. Love the UK idea. He is super cute in that punkin!!
    Love that blog badge too. I need it for sure.

  7. Those pumpkin pictures are PRECIOUS! Poor lighting or not, these are framers and pictures that you can definitely pull out again and again as he grows. Glad you had a great Halloween!

  8. He's so cute, Stephanie!!! Love the pumpkin how adorable!!!!

  9. Ohmygosh, your post are always entertaining. Though I was feeling a bit of anxiety as I scrolled down to the inside-the-pumpkin photos.
    Poor baby. But how can you pass of good shots of great memories? I understand.
    Houston is a goodlooking boy especially when he smiles for mama.
    Thanks for sharing. :-)

  10. Adorable photos! Houston is so dang cute in both of his costumes. He definitely didn't sitting in the pumpkin though!

  11. Cute pictures!! The ones of him in the pumpkin cracked me up. ;) Too cute!


  12. Great shots! Even the one wearing the dog costume :) He only wore it once, so it was still in good shape. Now you just have to post a side-by-side picture of both your 'kids' in the pumpkin outfit :)


  13. I love all the photos! The ones of him in the pumpkin are just too cute! Looks like you had a great Halloween!

    Blogging Blondie

  14. That last picture with Houston in the pumpkin crying.... oh my gosh, it's heart melting! Hahaha. I am totally doing this next year too!

  15. haha, love the pumpkin pictures. And, you can NEVER have too many photoshoots! Of course, it's gonna be tough to narrow down which pictures to use for his senior yearbook ad (does everybody do those or was it just my high school?!) and his rehearsal dinner. :)

  16. I love your blog! You make me giggle reading your words, lol! Houston is precious!

  17. Too cute! Love the photo shoots, and your posts are so funny!

  18. The last picture of him in the pumpkin is the best! I love it!
    He looked adorable in his costumes!

  19. There is sooo much cuteness packed into this post :)


  20. I cannot stop laughing at the fact that you put him in a dogs costume! Hilarious! So cute though!

  21. oh how cute!!! you got so many funny photos. wow - looks like the baby in the pumpkin idea was a fail this time - maybe next year - but I do love that last one!! Made me giggle. How old is your little man? Mine was born on July 19th - they look like they are about the same age.

  22. My parents do Halloween "gifts" for the grandkids too! haha. I loved the pictures of him in the pumpkin! hilarious and cute!

    Dana Michelle

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