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Monday, July 05, 2010

random facts about the 4th on the 5th



I finished reading the whole bible!

I finished reading the whole first book of the bible!

I finished reading the first 16 chapters of the first book of the bible!

At least I’m up to the challenge – thus far =)

Are you?



PREFACE: Every time I use the word “today” in this post – I mean Monday. I realize I published this near midnight and that may throw some off who are reading this at a more reasonable time on Tuesday…



Our fourth of July was just lovely.

We had a nice Sunday morning churchin’ it up, followed by an afternoon of house cleaning, July 4th inspired painting, and friends over for fireworks and a delish dinner made by the best blue-eyed chef in the tri-county area.


{Snapshot of the inspired painting in process – more on this and the final product tomorrow…}

flag art


I’ll go ahead and apologize to you for an entire post made-up of cell phone pictures.

I’ll make it short and semi-sweet.

Back to those friends of ours… I think they’re names were Ginny and Andrew.

If they were a celebrity couple, I’d nickname them “Couple GAGA”.

Couple GAGA” and the “Strawberry-Blondes” enjoyed the best fireworks in all the land:



Amazing, right? It gets even better…


Me and G laughed pretty hard at these fabulous photos I took to remember the 4th of July. You’ll just have to take my word for it that they were a little better than this.


After that seriously stunted re-cap of our 4th of July, I’d now like to leave you with five random facts on the fifth:

  1. The 4th of July is our “I-love-you-anniversary” – it’s been 5 years since we decided to say such things.
  2. I’m the one that said it first, he was the first to say the “too”.
  3. I’ll be announcing the four winners of our giveaway tomorrow(!)
  4. Four is my lucky number and my absolute favorite day in July AND February.
  5. I finally took the leap and bought a sewing machine today =)=)=) Stories of my adventures in becoming sew domesticated to come.


As I write about all these firsts, fours, and fives – I’m looking across at this adorable scenery:



It’s puppy love♥


I’ll try to make tomorrow a whole lot less random, I promise.

{Except for the randomly drawn giveaway winners!}


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  1. Congrats on the new sewing machine. You're going to love it, especially after your first project.
    And, the pic of your hubby and pup is darling.

  2. That is one cute puppy! I'm writing to thank you for the sweet comments you left on "Remodelaholic" blog about my living room beam and corbels. I had NO idea until this evening that they had copied my ENTIRE post and put it on their site as a "guest" writer. I remember reading at one site that if you enter their "linky" party they can use your images but I had no idea they would copy my whole post. Anywho...I'll write them tomorrow. Think they could have at least told me that they did that? I'm ranting. Just wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left.

  3. Oh....and congratulations on your new sewing machine. I LOVE those pillows...they are so perfect. Can't wait to make one. If you need any help sewing...I'll be more than happy to assist. I have just recently taken mine out of retirement and made a burlap pillow and a slipcover!!!

  4. yay about the bible reading AND the sewing machine! I got mine as a gift so I didn't have much advice to offer about the big purchase! it's sooo (SEW?) much fun, you'll love it!

  5. I'm gonna try again b/c every time I leave a comment - it's not posting! I looooove the flag art with seeing just a piece of it!! Can't wait to see what else you did to it and the whole picture! Happy Tuesday =)

  6. I love this post! and I love that you remember when yall said I love you!! my firework pictures look just like yours haha! oh and ps I make Ben airbrush tan me...I dont think I could do it myself!

  7. awwww the puppy pics are adorable. love the paiting too!

  8. Great job on the Bible reading! I read your post about reading through the Bible in 90 days and considered joining in but I have a toddler and a new baby due soon so I don't think there's any way I can commit to finishing by October. My days are kind of crazy already and about to get a lot crazier. I have another (Bible) reading plan in mind that I want to start doing soon though.

    Sounds like y'all had a fun holiday weekend and I LOVE your American flag painting!! It's really cool.

  9. Very good on the Bible progress. I'm doing Proverbs right now. It's going well. Amazing how I always applies to me. LOL!

    Thanks for featuring my blog! So kind of you, my bloggy neighbor!
    By the way, four is my lucky number too. =)

    Glad you all had a great 4th celebration!
    Have a great week!

  10. Your dog seriously makes me *almost* want to become a dog person....which is saying a LOT for me ;) He is just so precious. I'm super impressed you still remember the date of the first time you said I love you to each other! I have no clue, bad wifey! If it makes you feel any matter if I have a 20 dollar camera or my Nikon, I CAN NOT take photos of fireworks, it never turns out right.

  11. What a very fun weekend you had! Congrats on your new sewing machine, can't wait to see what you turn out on it!


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