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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Updated: I’m featuring this on Remodelaholic today – sorry it’s from February but I love to share =)

It’s been a long time since I told you I would post these few before and after shots.

My bad… please except my sincerest apologies and read on!


Remember this brassy, sassy lamp? My mom was going to yard sale/giveaway/donate it… but thought to ask me if I wanted it first.




I mean, come on, look at the gorgeous lampshade that comes with it – who would turn it down?!


d IMG_3927

I first thought I would spray paint the lamp base, since I loved the shape, but buy a new lampshade.

Have you been shopping for lampshades?? There’s not much to choose from, the plane jane’s they have are way too pricey for something so cheap looking, and you won’t find many oversized shades out there – and this one is HUGE.

I got my inspiration for the hot glue-gun and fabric lampshade re-do from Centsational Girl.

See here for her tutorials and several of her own DIY lampshade re-dos.








I did not take my time with this project… I rushed it and it turned out sub-par.

But thanks to the wrinkly nature of the fabric, all of my haphazard crafting is disguised rather well.

AFTER all of this hot-gluing and hurried struggling, I flipped the switch and realized the dingy yellowed lampshade shows through the blue fabric making it pea-soup green. I wish I had thought of it before and painted the inside, but I will still do so now… just with a little extra effort since the fabric’s already in place. Despite all of that – I really do love it!



and the sidetable that the new, repurposed lamp found a home atop?

That’s my auction find, which I paid all of 5 bucks for and spray painted in the garage last week. With just the little additions of the lamp and side table, I feel like the family room is more put together now - which is a very peaceful feeling.




At the very same auction, I bought this rusty, down-right nasty old birdcage.

My sister scoffed at it’s nastiness.

My mom said she trusted that I could do something beautiful with it. Thanks, mom!




I did do something with this ugly, fake bird that lived amongst the rust.



This little fella’ now lives on a big piece of land, where he is no longer caged and can fly free with other ugly bird friends.

It’s a magical place, which I believe they call a landfill…

Sounds to me like a land to fulfill your dreams in.

Hope he’s happy there ;)


I’m happy he’s gone and I’m happy I picked up that ugly cage, saw the potential, and happily painted it white.



I also saw this “R” at Hobby Lobby. It was black – I spray painted it white too and used my trusty hot-glue gun again to attach it.

I think it adds some “oomph” and makes a better front than that other design you now see in the back.



Last AND least of the before and afters:

BEFORE: me – healthy, energetic, crafty, a busy bee of sorts

AFTER: me – snotty, sniffling, moping, throat on fire – yet still busy with NO energy to spare


My survival arsenal:


I’m on my third box of tissues and using everything else I can think of in my little brain to soothe the beast myself.

I must say that I’m doing a lot better today – though I’m still working around the house {painting, laundry, the usual stuff…} – it’s not the 13 hour day I put in at work yesterday. I really do have to be near-death to call in, I mean – I’M THE FILL-IN PHARMACIST – who’s going to fill-in for the sick fill-in????


Funnily enough, when customers needed to “consult the pharmacist” yesterday for help with their various ailments, I didn’t do my usual “this is what I would recommend…”

Instead, it was more like “Wellllllllll, *sniff* *sniff* *sneeze* *blow for 10 minutes in a tissue*  this is what I’m taking…”

I think it made them trust my judgment even more so than normal ;)


On a happier note:

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone tomorrow!!!

{Can you imagine just how hot my date with my husband will be when I lean in to kiss him with neosporin rubbed all over my Rudolph-red, tissue rubbed raw nose?? Yeah, that’s hot =)}


  1. New follower! Love your blog! You did a fabulous job and have motivated me. I really need to do something with my lamp shade. Feel better! I am on my second box of tissues this week. What is going on?

  2. Stomach flu trumps any amount of tissues! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Way to go! You always appreciate the item more when you put your own work into it! I can't wait until the yard sales begin again!!

  4. Very nicely done - I love before and afters! Sorry to hear you are under the weather, sounds like you have the same head cold I've been battling for a week! :(

  5. Stephanie, First of all, I LOVE the thrify-redos! Question: did you sand the side table first? Or prime it? I have a couple projects to attack, too and need some advice! Thanks:)

  6. Those are great before and after projects! How crafty missy!

  7. I LOVE your lamp shade, it looks great!

  8. Stephanie! Your work is amazing! This was such a great post. Everything you did was perfect! That side table is so perfect. Wow Wow Wow!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  9. It all looks great. Hope you feel better.

  10. I really love that side table! you did a great job with your projects! :)

  11. Okay I absolutly Love the Before and After pics you really do have an amazing crafty side that I wish I had...I hope you get feeling better girlie Happy Valentine's Day..

  12. Well aren't you a little Miss Martha Stewart! I am impressed! I LOVE the blog! I am totally into blog stalking now that I have started one. I miss you and hope you get to see Harrison before he gets too big. Hope you feel better!

  13. Everytime you do these posts I think of all the things I need to paint/update/find to paint & update! Everything looks great!

  14. I love the lamp idea! I have two old brass lamps that need help. What kind of paint did you use to paint them with. I have also looked at new shades and they can be pricey and not very modern looking. I have the perfect fabric to use for mine. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love the birdcage!! Swing over to my blog, I left you a present :)

  16. lovely fix! I'm glad I found your blog

  17. Lovely birdcage makeover. I especially liked the added R. :) Nice job!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE your birdcage Makeover!! I have a strange fascination for them!! I have made over a couple in my time and I think yours turned out FANTASTIC!!
    Annie x

  19. Wow! What a difference you made to your birdcage. Great creativity.

  20. Love these and I would love if you would link this project up over at my blog's Upcycled Awesome linky party -


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