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Sunday, March 29, 2009

We have blast off!

Our weekend was nothing less than magical! After a little hard work, lots of help from our family, and a few hours shopping - we've finally made this little place our very own. At one point this weekend, I was actually left alone in the house, and with the radio blaring my favorite oldies station, I boogied my happy butt through my dream house, grinning from ear to ear and actually... screaming.

Have you ever been so happy you had to scream? I at least had the composure to keep it in until everyone had left.

All is definitely not finished though... there are several walls that need color changing, our dining room table and chairs are still in storage, we purchased a sectional and t.v. this weekend that we won't be moving in for several more weeks, and there are still a few wall hangings that needed a drill, level
, stud finder... you know, all of those little things weforgot to bring.

Just a few quickies though:

I love my new rugs I ordered from!
I was so worried about ordering such a pricey item without seeing them in person, (though they weren't as pricey as most, I got a great deal!), but the rugs are perfect. I promise, much prettier in person and they are ultra plush.... very luxurious.
My tear-out from a pottery barn magazine that I've made sure to keep handy: It's a close match to the color I want on our family room walls and I loved the rug in the picture when I tore this out... lucky for me, they don't have that rug in stock anymore; I love the one I ended up with much more and got it for a fraction of the cost.
My sister and dad took to taking down the ugly border around the pool table. I had no clue it would be so simple (well, sortof) to take down and look so clean afterwards. (My dad said it was the only thing he disliked in the entire house - guess he made sure he was 100% satisfied with our purchase.)
I am so grateful they took the time and effort to do away with such an eye-sore!
Another great find - I got 2 of these lamps at Goodwill for the table in the foyer. I love them! Nick was a little unsure at first, but when I plugged them into the wall at Goodwill to make sure they work, he started getting a tad embarrassed with me and just told me to get them. I love quirky lamps and these completely fit the bill.

I bought them with every intention to paint them, but once we got them home, I found them perfect as is. I believe a little English Oil may give them that extra oomph and I bought two different shades at Target tonight to try out on them. Since I'm back in east Kentucky and the lamps are still in central KY - I'll have to wait the three weeks until we're back again to decide on a lamp shade and perfect these babies. I can't wait!

And we bought this sectional on the way home tonight. We found it yesterday, pretty much made the decision we'd love to have it, but then took the night to sleep on it before "pulling the trigger" as Nick says with big purchases.

Though this evening, it just so happened that the Cards were playing while we were in Haverty's making our big purchase - I've never seen Nick "pull the trigger" so quick to get out of there and watch the last 30 minutes of the game at Rafferty's. Their loss was probably the only time I saw him unhappy this weekend. Poor Nick :( Poor Louisville :(

Last but not least, before we got on the road Friday morning, Nick checked his email and found out he got into graduate school at UK! I've never been more excited for another person's education. =)=)=)

We have a lot of praises going up to the Big Guy right now, but they are all just things. I could do without all of them and live a perfectly happy life with my family and friends. We realize what is truly important in our lives and try to keep our reality in check. If you could take the moment, please remember my mom in your prayers as she goes in for a follow-up MRI after a cat-scan of her brain showed something abnormal. We appreciate your prayers on her behalf more than anything!
Much love!


  1. love the rugs and the blue color! it looks sooo pretty! the house looks great and cant wait to see it! Love -L
    ps--so proud of Nicky!

  2. I seriously love both rugs. They are perfect!

  3. I love these carpets. I have been looking everywhere but can't seem to find anything that is right. I was hoping I could get a little more information about who they are made by, etc. Thanks so much!


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