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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a ball this weekend. Laughed so hard our cheeks were sore. The opening act for Jon Reep at Comedy Off Broadway was just as hilarious as the headliner, if not funnier. His name is Jonathan Gotsick. He lives in LA and has been on several shows BUT he was born and raised in Morehead, KY. He was a city slicker twice over by now, but when it was time for a white trash joke, he could bring back that eastern KY accent like he had never been gone a day. VERY FUNNY. Here's a pic, though I doubt you would recognize him from anywhere (I didn't know of him, I think Nick may have).

We had our picture taken with Jon Reep before the show:

And one with Jon Gotsick after the show. I'm not sure why Nick decided to throw a ghetto peace sign in this one, he's a bit random with his picture poses sometimes...
After the show, we stopped in on one of my very great and very funny friends, Rebecca.
This girl and I can hardly have a conversation without laughing till we cry. I'm so glad we got to see her for the little bit we could. Another pic in which I look a little less surprised:

Thanks to my sister and her husband for providing us room and board for the weekend. David also taught the adult's Sunday school this weekend while we were visiting the Richmond Church of Christ - he did a fabulous job. I'm so glad we got to be there for that!

I did finally get some new clothes this weekend too - I haven't bought jeans in years (literally) and got 3 pairs this weekend. With the "no jeans" dress-code at pharm school and on internships, I've sunk all my money in "professional" wear and other boring clothes for the last few years. I did still buy some "work clothes" that triple as "church clothes" and "nice occasion clothes" but it felt great to buy something that couldn't be worn to school or work. THE MAN no longer dictates my fashion choices. I get to be my own person again, YAY =)

Overall review: fantastic weekend.

We should do it again sometime. I can't wait to roll in the floor in laughter again, wearing my new jeans of course.

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