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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hayride, ya'll!

This past Saturday, Nick and I attended the Main Street Church of Christ's annual hayride. We ate good food, socialized with great people, played corn-hole, watched the kids play with little Hendrix, and of course, took a hayride! It was a pretty sweet time.

How cute is this John Deere set-up?
The host, Katie (and her husband JR, co-host, not pictured) along with my cute-as-a-button voluntary dog-sitter for the evening, Quincy. She loves dogs VERY much.

Haley, one of my riding buddies.
Autumn was my other riding buddy after Haley deciding she would rather crawl around in the hay than watch the scenery go by.

Yup, that's a cornfield behind Nick.
Hendrix had quite a night with the kids. He ran, played, ate doritos and hot-dogs, and got picked up one too many times in very uncomfortable positions (he actually started to growl and snap a bit if anyone tried to pick him up after the 1000th time... woops). He was tuckered out till he got home and thought it was time to play again. That's when we got to see the doritos and hot-dogs come back to visit on our pretty white carpet. Hey, it happens.

I hope we're around for next year's!

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