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Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Fun?

This post should be titled 'Sweaty Labor Day Fun' because that's just what it was on this 90 degrees plus holiday. Nick started off the morning with a round of golf with his dad, which he came back from extremely sticky and smelllllllyyyy (hope he doesn't mind me saying so). After showering off the stench (hehehe) we headed out to the breaks, a yearly trip we've been making since I started pharmacy school in Virginia. The only difference was that we usually go a couple months later in the year and we had no idea how uncomfortable the beautiful scenery could be in the summer months.

One of two deer we saw in the smack dab middle of construstion. Electric table saws going, hammers hammering, deer not even caring.

One positive that came from hiking in the hazy days of summer was being able to take out one of the paddle boats, which is usually closed when we happen to show up. We had some fun (and got some exercise) before we ever started hiking. The hike was somewhat better than last year though... this dork did remember her asthma inhaler, an asthma attack didn't occur this year anywho, we did not get lost, did not panic and call Nick's dad when we couldn't find our way back in the dark, AND I didn't hurt my knee - YAY! Successful trip to the breaks it was, then!
Pulling away from the dock in the paddle boat.
Our hard working feet, paddeling away. We reached new speeds no paddle boat had ever reached before. I think we've found a new Olympic sport...
Other people paddling away. Not as quick as us, of course, but a picture of what we may have looked like this day.
Chucking the walking stick. I guess he thought he could make it downhill without it?
The view.

Here's to hoping everyone else had a lovely (less sticky) Labor Day as well! It's only a 4 day work week from here! YIPPEE!

(P.S. I'm starting my third rotation at Highlands Regional Medical Center in Prestonsburg tomorrow - wish me luck!)

1 comment:

  1. what a gorgeous place!! too bad you two don't smile much.....
    loved the pic of "your man on the mountain" with his arms raised. my caption would say "i am the luckiest man in the world"!!

    karen just sent me this link and i am so glad to hear what is going on. your little hendrix is adorable.

    don't work too hard and kiss each other for me (on the cheek).
    aunt sue (aka. sister sue)


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