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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hodge Podge of Days

Remember the girl's night I had a couple of weeks ago with my little cousin Sydney? We played Rock Band, went to the movies and baked cookies... yummmmmmmmmmmmm. Nick opted to stay at his parents. What an understanding and wonderful guy he is! Though I doubt he would have enjoyed listening to the many stories of guy drama at Pike Central or looking at the profiles of 15 year olds on MySpace and hearing what so-and-so said last week to whats-her-name... oh how I love that high school is a distant memory for me...

Nick played some X-box during a little "father/son" bonding time this week=)

I was about to take the dog out for a little walk when I spotted this H-U-G-E spider on our back deck. I really wanted it dead, but I also wanted to figure out what kind of spider it was so I couldn't squoosh it. Nick was taking a nap, so I thought I would catch it myself and impress him with my non-scaredy-cat skills. But when I went for spidey, HE WENT FOR ME!

I ended up waking up the Nickster who was groggy but came to my rescue as my big strong man and caught the big guy for me. This story may explain how distracted I can get and why some things don't get done around here.

P.S. By the time we caught the spider, it started raining cats and dogs. As fun as that may have sounded to him, Hendrix had to wait for that walk till the rain let up. Sorry little guy! (Also, I think I figured out that spidey is some kind of an "Orb spider". Whatever, he's a dead orb spider now. I'm not sure if these pics do his size justice!

I didn't have to go to work AGAIN on Friday. So when I found out McKinlee and Kennadee (our flowergirls and little friends) were over at Karen and Bob's (Nick's parents) I decided to finally take Hendrix over to see them. They loved him and he loved playing with people closer to his size!

This little cutie is Kennadee. She kept saying "That Hendrix is a pretty good dog." She's the sweetest 3 year old!

The king, back on his throne at home. He's so fluffy and cute, I couldn't leave this one out!

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