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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No work, all play!

That's not truly an accurate description of the week for me, but it's darn close... a little work, no playing really, but LOTS of lazy :)
I went into work yesterday, (I'm at Highlands Regional Medical Center right now), only to be told to leave my phone number, go home, and they would call me when I could come back. How rude?! Just KIDDING. Joint Commission was in town that morning->who is somewhat like the "big dogs" of the hospital biz who show up every 3 years WITHOUT warning to make sure all is up to standards and to help improve the hospital. Since Highlands has extra requirements of background checks, drug testing and all that jazz that other rotations don't usually require, we weren't allowed to have our official name badges yet (big whoop) without everything finished AND without name badges we were a big ol' red flag of a no-no. So with the big dogs around for the next few days, we were instructed to go MIA until the background checks come back, which turns out is a pretty great deal.

I have been writing a paper for work in 10 min spurts here and there on my days off. Yes, it's work, but it's also "school" and we do still have homework assignments and they can be a pain in the rear. So there's a tiny bit of work I've done. Also, I cleaned the house, did the laundry, bathed the dog, and surfed the net like there's no tomorrow. I haven't really did anything fun per se, but REALLY, I can't complain. Luck be a lady and for now, she's working for me ;)

Days worked this week: Monday. That's all. Off yesterday, off today, and off tomorrow. They told me to call Friday morning to check if we should come in. I'll try not to get too disappointed should they tell me a name badge is ready and waiting. Until then, I will be getting as much practice being a housewife as possible. A girl could get used to this.

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