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Friday, September 05, 2008

A House Divided

If you know the Nickster and me very well at all, you would know that we are living in a house divided. He's a UofL fan. That statement usually makes me gag when I say it outloud and was almost worse to type with it looking so official in print... I am just kidding, of course. Kinda. I was raised a UK fan, like most normal East Kentuckians are, as well as most of the rest of this great state. Therefore, there is a bit of good-natured trash talk between us whenever the subject is brought up. He says he's a fan of ALL Kentucky teams... but he only wears UofL shirts, only tries to find UofL tickets, and he's only a UofL fan!

So imagine his surprise the other day when he came home to find his wife had been shopping at Wal-mart and had found the cutest little jersey for the cutest little puppy. He didn't really mind, but said the little guy can only wear it for UK games when they're NOT playing UofL. I would have bought a UofL jersey for him too, but Pikeville Wal-mart has the good sense not to sell it. hehe.

Hendrix went to the vet today for his puppy shots and weighed 3 lbs! He's gained a whole pound in 3 weeks. For the last few hours he hasn't been feeling well at all. He yelped when I tried to pet him a little bit ago and has been hiding to keep me from doing it again... he wouldn't even eat any lunch. I hope he'll be feeling better soon, but in the mean time, a napping puppy has really freed up my schedule without having to give him as much attention as usual!

I'm working 4 days a week again at my new rotation, so today is my day off and there is much to do - not sure that I'll be getting around to it, but there is much to do ;) I'll be picking up my 16 y.o. cousin Sydney from high school today. Girls' night! I believe Nick might be staying at his parents tonight... he's not one to stay while girlie things are going on.

My sweety got me flowers to commemorate 1 year since we got engaged! He also got down on one knee (which he didn't go the first time) and asked me again...

I hope everyone has a relaxing and fun-filled weekend. Not completely sure what our plans are, but I'm hoping it involves lots of sleep and good food.

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