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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Labor Day Baby

My darling brother-in-law, (ya know, the one we paid to take my sister - j/k), is having a birthday today! I'm not sure about my information, but I think he may have been a labor day baby, which is always fun and ironic. Last year, on labor day, we celebrated his big 30th birthday with a cook-out and a hair cut. Yes, I said a hair cut - we know how to celebrate! David, for some reason that may have been due to a bet, had been growing his hair out for over a year and designated this day to cut it. We all took turns with the scizzors and my sister buzzed it in the end with the electric razor. I believe there's actually still a zip-lock baggy out there somewhere with the remnants of his wild haired days and the left overs of his 30th birthday hair cut. I don't know if there's a hair cut in the works for this big day, but I hope he's having fun out there.

Happy Birthday, David!

(I couldn't find any pictures on my computer that I liked for the occasion, so I GOOGLED David's name and found a pic of him accepting some award on behalf of Bell South... now AT&T. It's a nice and offical picture for a nice and offical day of birth. Congrats, Dave.)

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