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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thanks for asking, Nick.

It is truly hard to believe that is has been one year since Nick and I got engaged! He did such a wonderful job of surprising me and picking out a gorgeous ROCK. Just looking at these pictures again, I got a twinge of the butterflys and excitement I had at that time. I was one giddy little girl and I still haven't stopped checking out the ring on my finger. I love this man!

I came home from a rough day at school to the following (of course these pics are AFTER he asked me):
Rose petals starting in the kitchen, leading to the family room.
A sweet bouquet of flowers.
And this guy with one very important question to ask.
This was the first and last time I ever saw him nervous! I hugged him and his heart was thumping out of his chest. I knew what must have been coming with this big surprise, but he made nervous small talk for what seemed like forever before he finally brought the ring out and popped the question.

For months after this big day, I took pictures of my new best friend everywhere I went. This was a few days later at a Reds game in Cinci - obviously I have no idea who won or what was going on :)

Oh yeah... I said YES.


  1. My engagement was the first time I saw my husband nervous as well. In fact, I thought he was mad at me for something and was about to rip into me for something! But no, he was just nervous about proposing! So funny!

  2. Dont you love to see those manly men get all nervous, it tickles me! What a romantic proposal, love the rose petals and of course, the ROCK! I love solitaires.

  3. love your story...and that IS a great rock :) you are one lucky lady!

  4. my husband was so nervous when he proposed I thought he was breaking up with me! haha! He started off his speech really intense and told me to sit down! I was thinking "Oh, great... here we go!" Good thing it was the total opposite of a breakup!


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