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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Yeh Mon. Honeymoon. No problem.

I can't believe it's already August! Or that we were just in Jamaica a week ago! Or that I'm married! Or... ok, the list could go on and on, but instead, I think I'll let everyone in on few pictures and narrations from the very fun filled, yet relaxing honeymoon that Nick and I spent in Jamaica.

We flew out for Jamaica on Monday morning (July 21). After one stopover in Chalotte, NC, we made it to Ochos Rio, Jamaica. From Ochos Rio, it was an hour and a half bus ride to our Sandals resort at Dunns River Falls, Jamaica. We spent the week swimming, catching up on sleep, meeting new friends, getting massages and going on several very fun and adventurous excursions!

Our sweet new friends, John and Ashley, married the day before us!

Playing dress up for dinner at the resort's Italian restaurant - delicious!

Nick and I on the glass bottom boat.

The Oriental restaurant. The chef was verrrry entertaining. Asian food in Jamaica with a Jamaican chef? Yeh mon. No problem.

Here we are in the "fountain of youth" at a waterfall on James Bond Beach; so named because several of the James Bond movies were filmed here. Naomi Campbell's house was also just above the falls!

More pictures at James Bond Beach. We have about a million photos from this local - it was GORGEOUS.

My very sweet husband surprised me by booking a candle lit dinner on the beach. We had a five course dinner with lobster and rack of lamb for the entrees - jealous?
This pic was just before the sunset. It was very romantic ;)

Breakfast on our balcony. Room service 24/7. We ate non-stop!

Two of the best excursions on our trip were climbing Dunns River Falls and the canopy tour. All of our pictures from climbing the falls are on a waterproof disposable camera. Should we ever get around to having those developed, I will upload them ASAP. I'm going to save the pictures and video from the canopy tour (which was us, gliding through the jungle on a zip-line) for the next post. It was too amazing for words - though I'm going to try ;)


  1. Great pics! Congrats! We've climbed Dunn's River Falls too! Very nice!

  2. i love the dinner on the beach! you guys are such a cute couple! xoxo

  3. We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We have been back there twice! We stayed at the Negril Sandals and it was our FAVE of all Sandals!!!! We also stayed at the Royal Carribean and it was great too.

    This year we went to Sandals Bahamas and it was very, very good. I liked it because it very much reminded me of the USA. I know that sounds weird, but food, drinks, etc. tasted better to me. Also, I knew I was a close plane ride home.

    My best advice is that if you want to go back, do it before you have kids!!! We went to the Bahmamas and loved it, but missed our kids and we didn't think we would be "those parents", lol. We talked about beaches resorts, but with plane tickets for 4 we are looking at about 10K for the trip. So, go back before you have kids!!!!!

  4. We're in the process of booking a vaca to Jamaica so I loved seeing your pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey there! I just clicked on your blog because I saw you on the Nelson Diaries. I was drawn to your name because those lyrics from that U2 song is exactly the same song that my husband and I like to call ours. We just got married this past July and that song has been a favorite of ours since when we first started dating!

    I was looking around at your wedding and honeymoon, and...get this...we went to the same place for our honeymoon. Like, exact. Same. Resort. Except now, it's called The Jewel Dunn's River Falls. It was amazing, and I can't believe you went there too! (If you want, you can read all about our experience there at and

    Anyway, I HAD to leave a comment because that is just too crazy. I'm excited to read more about you guys and your exciting life together! :)


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