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Monday, August 04, 2008

Jamaican Jungle Zip-line!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend that helped get you rested for the dreaded Monday. Fortunately, since I am, for now, working four 10-hour days a week at this rotation, (Pikeville Medical Center - ICU pharmacy), that means I get a 3 day weekend! So today, with a to-do list 3 miles long, I'm still going to make time for the blog... It's actually getting to be a lot of fun!

Nick and I were extremely lucky to not only lounge around and soak up the sun in Jamaica, but also to go on several very fun excursions. We got to get out of the resort (which the Jamaican natives call "Jamerica") and see the real Jamaica, good and bad.

To begin the trip, we took an hour bus-ride going at the most 10 mph on a very rough gravel and ditch filled road up into the hills of Jamaica. When we got to our destination (the top of the hill), we had to get into our equipment and received instructions about how to properly use the zip-line.

The equipment was VERY uncomfortable. As you can see, it holds on tight to all the wrong places and to walk along a hiking trail with the worst wedgie in history was a struggle. After a little bit of a down-hill walk, we got to our first of probably 10 zip-lines and began our adventure!

After all the zipping fun was over, we walked, (without the equipment on this time!), for a while to get back to the bus. The little walk in itself was great fun with all we got to see and experience.

We sort of got left behind by the tour guides as I wanted to take pictures of everything. Therefore, I had no one to ask why these huts were here - but they were cool!

You can see a fraction of what exhilaration we experienced through the following movie clips. The company who does the tours filmed these clips.


  1. I am interested in setting up zip lines up and down Abbott Mtn. for the tourists. Would you all like to be partners?

  2. Sounds good! Will this be lucrative enough for me to quit this whole boring pharmacy business?


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