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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lovin' Life

Our weekend consisted mostly of a swimming party with all the pharmacists and pharmacy crew from Pikeville Hospital (on Friday) and playing rock band (the entire rest of the weekend). Being the loving wife I am, I gave Nick a wii, wii Fit, and Rock Band as his wedding gifts. He gave me a girl's best friend, diamonds in the form of a gorgeous bracelet. ANYWAY, we finally had time to bust out the rock band this weekend and we've been having a blast ever since. We've even held our own "Rock Band Olympics". Nick won; I threw a temper tantrum. Good sportsmanship means nothing to me :)

The tough rocker?

A cute, bored Hendrix.

Yet another game Hendrix was trying to ruin for me by sleeping on/next to my feet. How can I play a decent drum solo without adequate access to the pedal? Guess he doesn't care, as usual.

We are having so much fun with our little pup! He's a true joy and extra excitement in our already blessed day to day lives! I recommend you go out and get one ASAP.

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