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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Nick and I decided to drop in on my parents on Saturday evening and show them their new "grand-puppy". Also, Hendrix loves other animals and I thought it would be sweet to let him meet my 12 year old Sheltie, Casey. Hendrix LOVED Casey. Casey could not have cared less and probably preferred he leave as soon as possible. Too much energy for my older, arthritic dog.

Hendrix loved the big yard to play in... Hopefully, by next summer, he'll be in our new house and won't be so jealous of other dogs and their yards.

Mom loved her new grand-son.

Casey DID NOT think this was funny.
After dinner, the four of us decided to compete on a few Wii Fit games. If you read the last post, you might remember how I mentioned that Hendrix loves to lay on your feet or by your feet if that's all he can get. Especially if he's tired.

Did Hendrix know he could hurt my game on the Wii Fit board by curling up between my feet? Nope.

We transferred him to his crate to finish his nap. Much more comfortable and no one's down hill ski gets screwed up.

Mom finishing up a good run on the "slopes".

Rearview of Nick gearing up to ski.

Front view.

Dad, hoola-hooping. A video of this would have been gold.

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