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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bake Sale Phenomenon!

The bake sale was an amazing success! Many lovely people donated so many yummy treats that we couldn't fit it all on 3 long tables at the same time... we actually had to wait for some things to sale and be gone before we brought out the rest of the stuff - which didn't take long. People were constantly swarming the table and going away with so many items they often asked for a plastic bag to help them carry all their goodness home with them. We were completely amazed at how fast things were disappearing. There were also many monetary donations to the cause which brought our total to....

Drum-roll please....

$961 !!!!!!!!!!!

And that was just the last total I heard and may be higher as donations seemed to keep rolling in throughout the day. Can you believe almost a grand was made at a little bake sale over only about 3 hours? AND IT WAS FUN?!! There's talk of possibly another one to raise more money for breast cancer -OR- possibly a monthly bake sale, PMC pharmacy sponsored, for different charities because of the phenomenal success of Tuesday's. That rocks.

Kristen with the pleasingly EMPTY tables at the end of the bake sale!

Special thanks to my mom for her treats and donation, as well as to my mother-in-law for her famous chex-mix and other sweets! I love my two moms ;)

In other news... I think our little Hendrix may be growing up! Yesterday, after a bath, (which went a bit better than last time), and a little hair trim, I noticed one of his ears sticking straight up. I tried to lay it down but it was STUCK there. He's not perking them up to listen and the other ear never stands up.

Nick, of course, thought I did something to him since I bathed him, brushed and clipped him all by myself, but I doubt any of those traumatizing events would cause one's ear to stand straight up. I believe this is a preview of what's to come... growing up. Before long, that other cute, little, floppy ear will be standing up as well. I just don't think he had the strength to do both at once. And what if the other one never perks up? Well, that's just plain cute!

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  1. Stephanie!
    I LOVE your bakesale blog! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support for this cause. And thanks, too, to your 2 moms and the wonderful goodies they made! I believe you have already earned a good grade in my rotation, but be prepared---your final week may be the toughest yet! Hope you are doing some studying this weekend, and not just playing video games! ;-) Signed, your preceptor


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