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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Don't go chasin' waterfalls...

This first video was taken by our tour guide while visiting James Bond Beach. He told us to get close to the falls and then just lie back and get washed away. It was pretty darn fun, though in the clip, it's a bit slow and uneventful. I thought I'd post it anyway. You'll also see Nick stand up long before I do, leaving his new wife to float away. Despite his efforts, I survived.

This next clip was taken by Nick. It just shows a small little bit of the falls and their beauty. If you saw the last post, there's a few pics of us in the water - same falls seen here.

I hope everyone had a lovely Saturday! It's way past my bedtime and we will be getting up just a bit earlier than usual for church tomorrow because we're going with my mom and dad in Prestonsburg for church. I'm excited to see them - it will actually be the first time since the wedding. I hope they like their Jamaican souvenirs... fingers crossed!


  1. I believe you wer chasing Stephanie down and she would not stop for you. Not you letting her go. Stephanie get your story straight if you have video.

  2. Mom and dad loved their souveniers. Dad always loves money- even if it's from another country.

  3. Love your blog, you are so presh! ;)


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