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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today, the most wonderful and most influential woman in my life is having a birthday. Tomorrow she will be retiring from teaching math, science, and respect your elders 101. Of course, I'm talking about my gorgeous, loving, anti-aging, intelligent and extremely talkative mother. She has sacrificed much to provide her girls and family with everything we could ever need or want and has always been the glue that holds our family together. I am so blessed to have her for a mother and I have always said if given the choice, I wouldn't trade my parents (or my life for that matter) for anyone else's in the entire world!

What I've heard, from just getting off the phone with her, she had a great next-to-last day at school where her friends threw her a party that started after school and last till late into the evening. Tomorrow, my family will be throwing her a birthday/retirement party with lots of friends from every facet of my social butterfly mom's life. We'll be grilling out and playing games at Jenny Wiley Dam which I'm sure will be a blast. And I'm sure I'm going to hear about these pictures and how she would rather me not put them on the blog. Too bad, mom, but Happy Birthday anyway!

I love you!

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