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Friday, August 01, 2008

My ex-fiance...

Who's my ex-fiance? Well, Nick, of course!

Before I even attempt to start to sort through the honeymoon pics and wording the many stories of the great adventures we had in Jamaica, I thought I'd back track a little bit and show a few pics from the "old days"... you know, waaaaay before we became this old married couple.

These pictures were taken by a fabulous artist/photographer named John Michael from Paintsville, Kentucky back in March of 2008. At the time of this post, a few of our wedding pics, (which he also took), are still on his website. You can visit them at Click on "Enter Site", then "The Gallery" and finally you should see "Stephanie and Nick". Click and enjoy!


  1. Gets better every day. By the way our phone still works- Dad said to add that.

  2. aunt sue (sister sue)September 9, 2008 at 1:05 PM

    just went through more pics of your family and some honeymoon. how beautiful you two wonder, surrounded by so many wonderful people.

    i will read more later. it is a beautifully done blog kiddo. the pics and music are so relaxing and fun. don't work too hard.

    i'll keep in touch.

    p.s. call your mom and dad

    aunt sue


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