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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Little man and I went for our walk in the hills of east Kentucky today, despite the falling temperatures and the tiny snowflakes starting to accumulate on the ground. It wasn't all that cold after getting bundled up, plus, after starting the little hike, things always begin to heat up. Of course, I'm only speaking for me and not the little pup who's bare feet had to track through the snow. But he did wear his sweater and run wild like a deliriously happy, formerly cooped up desperate house dog.

Take the following video as proof of his wild wolf dog within. {You'll see him attack me at the end... he doesn't like me to stop walking. It's all business with this guy and if we're not moving, we're wasting his time...}

P.S. My sister and her husband just got their electricity back last night - that was a full week without power! Sheesh!


  1. oh my goodness. that little fluffy puff is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! what kind of dog is he again??

  2. Thank you! He's a pomapoo -> half toy poodle, half pomeranian. People breed these mutts for good money but we actually picked him up at a shelter. I would have picked him out from all the most expensive dogs in the world. Go figure!


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