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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Almost Famous

"Holy CRAP!"

That's an exact quote from yours truly this evening. Just a few minutes before I was leaving work, the pharmacist and I were talking about my wedding photos and the fabulous photographer who did them. She wanted to see some more images from John Michael since she was interested in using him for a family photo shoot.

I typed in the site from the computer at work, expecting nothing out of the ordinary but HOLY CRAP, I was staring back at me!! I already knew about the award he won with my picture at a state photography competition... yeah, how cool is that... but then, even cooler, I got to be on the home page of a verrrrrrry popular site. He's now the #1 wedding portrait photographer in the STATE! {But we didn't need some judge to tell us that, now did we?}

He's now going onto a national competition with my image. Sorry, but I feel totally famous somehow - my picture is going to be hanging in a gallery where L-O-T-S of people are going to be looking and judging it. That last part's a little scary...

Go visit him and see me:
{Click on "Enter Site"}

And stop by John Michael's own blog to see what the artist has been up to lately!

This gets EVEN crazier - I just stopped by his blog to get the address to share with you, and AGAIN - holy crap, it's me! Click here to see his blog post on the day Mom and I stopped by the studio to pick up our wedding albums and found out the awesome news and took this funny picture with the winning image! {FYI, this was the same day I fell in love with THE cheesecake.}


  1. HOLY CRAP! That's sooooo awesome! You look BEAUTIFUL!!! It's an awesome pic and you are definitely a celebrity now! (especially up here in Michigan because I plan to show EVERYONE at school!) Love you so much and soooo excited for you!
    ~L~ xoxo
    p.s. we got copies of the wedding pics from Karen the other day and they are making the wall for sure!

  2. You don't know it but John Michael has also used the same home page ad in some local magazines for brides as his advertisment. You are more famous than you knew. BUt just as beautiful as I have always know. At least after the first few hours of your birth. red hair was something to get used to. Love, MOM


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