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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dead on My Feet

It's possible that I may be burning off the cheesecake that I finished the last slice of yesterday, but I don't care. I want to go back to my life at home where I wasted lots of time, played with my puppy all day, and got to eat and sit down whenever I wanted to. I started my rotation in K-mart Pharmacy in Pikeville yesterday and MAN, is it a pain. I mean, the actual job is fine, but standing for 10 hour shifts is brutal. Who knew?

Everyone I work with is older and has been doing this job for many years... and talks about their broken veins and how horrible their legs look. Behold, my future. I can't help but notice how much the pharmacist gets to sit down at the computer while the technicians, (and I am a glorified technician), stand alllllllllllll daaaaaaaaay loooooooong. Can't wait to score the sit down job in a few months. It also probably doesn't help that I have these:

Flat feet. Or pes planus to be scientifically correct (I just learned this little term by googling the image). Not that this picture is of my actual feet, though mine are equally as ugly. I'm convinced my feet hurt worse than anyone else's. No, I don't care if you believe that, it's true. If you want to argue the point, we'll hammer out the nice little arch support in your foot and see how well your feet, ankles, knees and lower back react to it.

Not that your feet don't ache.

Just that mine hurt more =)

(Because I feel the need to make it an obnoxious competition.)

I think I'll muddle through being dead on my feet much much much much much better when I'm earning $$$$$ to be killing my joints and lower body circulation. It pretty much sucks when I'm at work and the thought crosses my mind that I'm paying BIG tuition to work for free. Then I have to remind myself that it's an investment in my future and that the return should be worth it.

It's not debt, it's an investment.
It's not debt, it's an investment.
It's not debt, it's an investment.

This time of year always brings back an old addiction (which will now replace cheesecake) that thankfully takes care of itself by becoming unavailable again after Easter has come and gone. I share this love with my sister and dad. We always compared on Easter morning who got more of these in their Easter basket.

My feet may be tired, but as usual, my taste buds are =) =) =) =)


  1. Since you had several of these wonderful eggs in your birthday gift-I wonder did you eat all of them while you were waiting to get the cheesecake????
    And to let you know Jackie, Marshall, Dad, and I finished off the left behind cheescake Friday evening. It was good!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think I usually came out on top of the Cadbury count but I think Dad rigged it a few times by stealing some out of my basket!! Melissa


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