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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

David After Dentist

We (i.e. just Nick) are still in the process of finalizing paperwork, taking care of the finances and closing up the deal with the house. There are 1,001 things that could go wrong, the entire bottom could still drop out, so we are maintaining peace about everything, hoping for the best, keeping the worst back in the cobweb covered corners of our minds but definitely meditating on the best case scenario.

I've had lots of homework and papers to write and phone calls to make to finish up this rotation by it's last day this Thursday. I haven't been much fun except for the hour out of the day I take to walk the dog in this BEAUTIFUL 70 DEGREE WEATHER. Oh my, it is wonderful. I left the house completely stressed yesterday and came back from the outdoors full of excitement for the spring and summer ahead of us, feeling wholly rejuvenated. The long walks are full of appreciation for God's handiwork as well as contemplation and working through all the thoughts in my tiny brain. Free therapy at its best.

I have watched this clip about 10 times and laughed out loud everytime. I believe kids' behavior is very similar to that of inebriated adults, add some anesthesia at the dentist, and WOW. At least I thought it was hilarious.
Onto my "free therapy", a.k.a. wringing every drop of energy out of the dog as possible, and finishing up my homework before church tonight. I hope you get a laugh from the clip!



  1. I saw this on The Soup and watched it multiple times.

  2. HAHAHAHA! That kid's funny! I wonder what kind of treatment dentists do to make kids reach that state. Or maybe that kid was just overacting. Either way, it's funny! I hope that the dentists here in Knoxville know about this viral vid! Oh, one more thing. Have you seen his shirt? I mean, that one with "Is this real life?" LOL!


I just shared my thoughts, I'd love to hear you share yours! {Besides, I'm tired of listening to the voices in my head.} I kid, I kid... ;)