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Thursday, February 26, 2009

my day

... told through google images.

It started the way most days do - I woke up. Praise God!

But since I always snooze the alarm, I didn't get that much time to shuffle around groggily while attempting to get to a higher level of awake-ness. Rushing is yucky.
And I can't wear scrubs to this rotation. What a lame rule. That means I actually have to think about what I'm wearing and attempt to look decent. Waste of energy.But I didn't try too hard. It is just K-mart. I also went to bed with wet hair last night. No amount of energy can fix that mess.

This place is b-u-s-y. Non-stop pill counting. My neck is stiff from staring down at the counter. I don't like it. I'm rethinking the last few years of pharmacy school, my million dollar investment in it, and my thrilling future. (Just a bit of sarcasm after a crappy day...)

On my short 30 minute lunch break, I have to rush home to let the poor little dog out for a walk and play with him a bit before putting the sweetie back into the bathroom. I feel sorry for him. I also hate that I don't get a real break, or get to sit down for a few minutes outside of work, or eat anything good since I grab a snack on the way out the door and have to eat "lunch" in the car on the way back to work. Poor puppy. Poor empty tummy.

The customers are usually, very friendly. Seriously, they talk your head off when you actually need to get back to filling their prescription but they're just sooooo nice you can't pry yourself away. Not today. Today, we got some lip from some girl who said we were treating her like a drug addict (we weren't)... but the pharmacist's response was quick, witty and professional. She slinked away after being put in her place.

Then some poor sick kid up-chucked in front of the pharmacy. Several times. His dad sat next to him on his cell-phone, looking completely unfazed. They were sitting there for at least 5 minutes. Perhaps his dad could have asked for a bag after the first puking incident. Or take the kid to the bathroom. Or let anyone know it was in the floor to keep them from walking THROUGH IT or making contact with an employee to make sure it got cleaned up. Perhaps, but no. I found a wet floor sign to set by the puddles so ANOTHER person wouldn't track through it and found someone to clean it up. Because it was my kid and all. Also, I get payed to do this. A whole zero dollars a hour.

I finally got home to my husband and puppy.

My husband knew just what I needed.

10 seconds later, Me + Couch =

My husband said we needed to celebrate for some reason that I can't even remember. I heard "Chinese food" and was excited enough to put shoes back on my painful feet.

After consuming lots of fried yummy happy food, I started feeling better about my day. I had two fortunes inside my fortune cookie. One said I would get new clothes soon. YAY! The other said I have a deep appreciation for the arts and music. WHY YES I DO!

But not so fast happy feelings! Nick tried to let me down gently, but there's no way to break it to me nicely that my very favorite TV shows, whose very thought pulled me through the day, are going to be reruns tonight.
Nick had to restrain me after I got the news...

Looks like I've got a big evening ahead of me.

I can't wait to start a fresh new day tomorrow. TGIF.


  1. When you feel bad about the day you are having--remember your last plum rotation. It evens out.

  2. just wanted to say hi and let you know i feel really "updated" on you both (almost like a real visit). your rotations are almost over and the "new adventure" begins. what a great life. enjoy!!
    aunt sue


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