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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's a couples thAng

Again - I was tagged on Facebook to answer these questions but decided I love blogger just a little bit more! The following is a little survey for married couples, sprinkled with a few photo memories.

One of our first pictures together. I may be looking a little bratty, but in the REAL first picture we took together, Nick made a mean face and this was my pay-back. Nick just told me I couldn't post the other one, it's too horrible. Now he gets to look like the sweet one.

What are your middle names?
~Nicholas Snow and Stephanie Michelle

How long have you been together?
~Coming up on 4 years, March 21st, 2009!

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
~A couple years of vaguely knowing each other before dating. It's still weird that he knew almost my entire dad's side of the family for years before meeting me... my aunt taught him in high school, he was friends with many of my cousins, even bought and sold baseball cards from my grandpa in my aunt's baseball card shop. I think the planets were just trying to allign perfectly before we were introduced and fate began to run its course.

This may not be a picture together, but it does have a memory. This is me, in the Animal Kingdom of Disney World. I distinctly remember spending every extra second of this trip talking to Nick on the phone - my sister was extremely annoyed with this and would not leave me alone. Something about "She'll probably be dating someone else in the next month and will never get this time back with her family."
Guess we showed her.

Who asked who out?
~Nick asked me out, both times. We've had 2 first dates, one at 18 when we briefly flirted, the second at 21. No need for a third, second time was the charm.
How old were each of you when you met?
~The ripe old age of 18.

How old are each of you now?
~ The even older age of 25.

How tall are each of you?
~Moi, 5'9". Nicholas tells me he's just shy of 6 feet. {Boys hate to say 5'11".}

Whose siblings do you see the most?
~Definately mine now that Nick's bro lives in Michigan. We'll be moving closer to my sister and
bub-in-law in the next couple of months. Hopefully Chad&Lauren will be moving back closer to us when they're both finished with school in a couple of years.

Do you have any children together?

What about pets?
~ YES, that furry son of ours, Hendrix.

Did you go to the same school?
~Not until freshman year of college at Georgetown.

Are you from the same hometown?
~Close, but no. We lived about 20 minutes apart the majority of our lives. I'm sure we had to have crossed paths sometime in those 15 years.

Our 6 month anniversary, a romantic date at a Reds' baseball game.
Who is the smartest?
~We are fanatastic complements to each other's special fields of intellect. He's the math, economics, psychology, finance, fix-it half of this duo. I'm the english, science, artsy-fartsy half. Together, we would make one great brain! By the time we're 90, we should be pretty well rounded.

Who is the most sensitive?

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
~Chipotle. Close second: Dairy Queen for our Blizzard habit.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

Who has the worst temper?

Who does the cooking?
~We both go through phases of it, though there's not a whole lot of cooking going on around here.

Who hogs the bed?

Who wakes up earlier?
~The Nickster

Who has the bigger family?
~That would be me. There must be magic fertility dust floating around my mom's side...

How do you spend the holidays?
~With our parents only 20 minutes apart, we can, thankfully, split time between them as equally as possible.

Do you have little pet names for each other?
~OH YEAH. We've had close to a hundred over the years. They kind of change with the season. I tried to write them down as we came up with new ones so we wouldn't forget them, but I forget where that list is.... Cuddle-bug has really stuck though.

Who eats more?
~NICK! There's a never-ending stomach in there somewhere, he claims he's never felt full(!)

Who’s older?
~Nick, by a whole month.

Who does the dishes?
~Nick. I hate touching old food. The trade-off: I do all the laundry. I'd rather him not have the chance to screw up my clothes anyway. All works out perfectly.

Our first trip together back in 2005. We'd been dating about 5 months. This was in Baltimore where we went with Chad, Lauren, and Nick's parents.

Who snores? ~Him, of course. He wants to go to the ear-nose-throat doctor soon and I agree - the man does NOT breathe well! (Not that I don't snore from time to time.)

Who eats more sweets?
~Me, though Nick's sweet intake has increased dramatically since meeting me.

When was your "engagement" anniversary:
~September 4th, 2007.

When is your "marriage" anniversary:
~July 19th, 2008.

Do you own a house or rent:
~Currently renting. Closing date on our house is set for March 25!

How many siblings (including in-laws):
~ I have an older sister, Melissa, married to our brother-in-law, David. Nick has an older brother, Chad, engaged to our future sister-in-law, Lauren.

What church do you attend:
~The Church of Christ, in Pikeville {mainstreet}

I have no idea what happened with the camera, but I love this picture of Nick. This is on one of our dates in Joseph Beth bookstore. Actually, a very cool place to hang out together after a great dinner. We're kinda weird like that.

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  1. such a cute post! I will see what I can do about that tag!

  2. Very cool! I've been out of the loop lately but I'll do this soon.

    Oh, and Mike and I used to go to Joseph Beth all the time after dinner on dates! We went to Asbury College, not far from Georgetown!


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