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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Color My World

We have had the most beautiful day... headed out to church this morning, flurries floating and looking gorgeous. Headed back home afterwards for a brunch of eggs, cheese, spicy sausage, and biscuits. Settled down for a winter's nap - one of the few left with spring right around the corner. Then, about 4 HOURS LATER, woke up just in time to head back to church for the evening. STILL feeling full from lunch, we weren't hungry in the least for dinner BUT a Sonic blast with Reese's Cups defiantly hit the spot.

My ideal day. Delicious food, souls inspired, lots of rest and relaxation.

We've settled in for the evening now. Nick playing video games and me - well, blogging and watching the Academy Awards. I couldn't care less who wins and I never even pay attention to such, but I love, love, love the song and dance skits sprinkled in between AND I can't lie; I love the fashions. I mean, after the wedding, when am I EVER going to get to wear a ball-gown again? I'm either going to have to win me one of those awards or start crashing galas.

I'll have to think that one through sometime later... right now I'm obsessed with PAINT COLORS.

I've been searching design sites, sketching out the rooms in our new house, making lists of which furniture goes where, pretty much going overboard and being
my usual ridiculous self. My mother-in-law has added fuel to the flame by finding more websites to aid in my search for the perfect paint color.

Warning *Sneak Peek* of our new house ahead:

The family room: a lovely neutral color
that I'm looking to kick up a notch.
{Of course, this is the previous owner's decor in the picture...}

If you're in the market for a new shade, try out House Beautiful's website. They have the coolest tool ever - you can pick from several already decorated "rooms" similar to whatever room you have in your house, then choose any color from about 5 palates - Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar... then "paint" the room on your computer screen, picking out the wall colors, ceiling, trim, accessories. I don't care if you don't even want to paint your house - it's just plain fun.

And another *Sneak Peek*:

The Dinig Room: The color is actually a tad bit more vibrant in real life and I love it!

They'll be no painting necessary in this room. I am content.

Onto getting ready for bed and finishing my obsessive list making for the day. Good Monday to you, tomorrow!


  1. What, you don't want to keep that clock in the house? :)

    So funny to find out I have/had a blog stalker. I blog stalk more than I am willing to admit!

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