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Thursday, April 30, 2009

for you, kk

The next couple of pics are for my mother-in-law, Karen. {You gotta remember that Nick's family are BIG baseball fans.} She loooooooooved this ball & bat flag that was up inside the ESPN Zone in Baltimore when we were all there a few years back.

Then Nick spotted this one inside Red Robin after lunch on Saturday and I just had to take the picture to show her. {There was a table full of people right below the flag whom I'm sure thought that I was taking a picture of them.} Karen and I just ate at this same Red Robin the week before and didn't see this.... So, which one's your favorite, Mother-in-law?


  1. oh my gosh!! what an adorable blog you have!!!

    that header is just priceless with you two in your own lil world!!

    Glad I found your blog! And at perfect timing! Congrats on being done with Rotationsss. :)

  2. i prefer the all baseball one from red robin--in case you were wanting my opinion too!


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