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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Let's be honest

Shall we?

It may seem a little odd, but I've never pictured myself as a pharmacist. And I never wanted to "grow-up" to be a pharmacist.

If we're being totally honest here, I never really wanted to grow
-up, period. {Which lately, I haven't felt too grown-up, with the living at my parents, my mom doing my laundry and cooking my dinner... which I gotta say has been pretty sweet.} As for growing-up to be something... famous is the only thing I really had in mind for myself.

The ultimate material girl. We have very few things in common but one of them is that we are living in a material world and I am a material girl ;)

But when I pictured my older self as a wee one, {ya know, back when I was, say, 21 or so}, I didn't see me as "a job". I only saw me as an older version of who I knew as "me". Someone with a few more responsibilities, possibly with a paycheck, still interested in all things cool, and hopefully with a significant other and a really great dog ;)

So, I've decided I
will be a pharmacist... on the side. Yes, I will work a full-time job, maybe even a little overtime, but the job will not be me.

I will, however, continue to be a wife, a dog owner, a daughter, a Christian, a writer, a philanthropist, a mother someday, take the time to take interest in things that aren't my job, and for today's career aspirations, be my own interior designer.

I am totally engrossed in decorating our house. It has overtaken my every thought and I LOVE it. Thankfully, my husband lets me do my thing, and most of the time, supports my off-kilter design decisions. The articles, the pictures, the paint chips, the furniture stores
, Goodwill... they all set my creative juices flowing and make me completely forget about that job thing I do during the day.

And now, the images that have stolen all of my attention for tonight and set my imagination aflame.....

How great would this lamp shade look on my treasured finds from Goodwill?

A hot pink closet with a black chandelier?!

Most likely, this will be one of those design desires my hubby won't be backing me up on.

Blue and brown.

A little trendy at the moment, which I hate, seeing how trends tire too fast and I usually like to steer towards a more classic look. But HOPEFULLY we will love our blue and brown family room for years to come. {Because I don't really have the luxury to change it for that amount of time.}

Whaddya think ~ will these lovely chocolate brown curtains flow with the wall color in the picture above? I'm thinking, yes.

Charcoal gray - so sleek. I plan on painting the master bath something similar to this with crisp white towels, painted black cabinets, and using stainless still accessories.

Awwwwww, tranquility.

{By the way, my husband suggested placing a chandalier over the tub... Heck yeah, I married a keeper.}

Should we build one day, could I ever be bold enough to do a wall of windows?

My gosh, I hope so.

Take a gander at this amazing lucite faucite.

Holy cow!

I dream of a white kitchen. It is my heart's desire.

And now, my heart desires lots and lots of sweet slumber... and waking up to a full weekend with my husband.


I hope ya'll enjoy your weekend as much as I know I will. REAL pictures of our REAL design progress coming in the next couple of days as well!

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