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Monday, April 06, 2009

The chosen one

We picked a paint color!

Blue Twilight. It's the color on the right of the paint chip... you'll also see it on the left where I tried it out on the frame of a mirror. We're crossing our fingers that it will translate well to the family room.


Nick and I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend together... very needed and welcomed. We were finally reunited after a long week of work, had a lot of fun with some friends watching the Final Four, enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather, {which is no longer with us anymore}, AND made a little trip to Lowe's and picked the paint color for the family room!

{Don't worry if you're confused about the exclamation mark (!) after such a snooze of a statement about paint. I find joy in weird things. And I'm about to write MORE about paint...}

We meant to get the white trim paint too while we were at Lowe's, but just as they were about to mix it, {yeah, mix one of the many shades of white paint, go figure}, Nick remembered that there just might be some extra in a paint can still at the house in Lexington left from the previous owners. They actually left us lots of extra little goodies, very neatly organized - extra hardwood floor boards, granite counter top tiles, cans of paint, basement ceiling tiles....... they were such nice people and the guy was a totally lovable OCD type - score for us!

So since we didn't get the white trim, these cute little shelves,

only got their coat of primer and will have to be painted with some aptly named shade of white, such as the Satin Snow that Nick picked out, on a later date. {FYI - if you forgot, Nick and I are still not actually living in the house yet and are quite far away - thus all the planning and waiting for a weekend we can get up there and get these things done.}

In a couple of weeks, my mother-in-law and I will be applying these excellent ;) paint choices to the walls of our new house. Bless her heart - she actually wants to help me paint. {Or at least she made it seem that way!}

The hubs helped me prime the shelves this weekend as well. Love him!.. and missing him again now the the work week has begun.

Tootles Poodles!

P.S. - I tried to write this little post last night, but our electricity cut out in the middle of typing! Because of the lunch hour time crunch, I had some more pics I wanted to fit in but will get them up tomorrow instead. Check back, ya'll!

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  1. Pretty colors! Getting a new house into shape seems so daunting (or it did for us) but don't worry... you can do it! It will be a lovely little nest before you know it!


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