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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm getting really tired of naming posts lately, can you tell?


This past Saturday, Nick and I got a chance to head back to the antique store from this post to see the sights and to check out the painting.

Do you remember my dogs I found last time? This time I looked for dogs that might look similar to my sister's real life pups. (She has two malamutes, brother and sister, that look almost identical.) I found these two that were actually attached... they looked pretty similar to hers... except her pups aren't brown. I thought I might find one dog to look like her two dogs, but how ironic to find two that look like hers and come as a set?!? Crazy luck.

{Even stranger, I didn't actually buy them. Nick convinced me that they didn't look like hers because they're brown. But the more I look at them and think about how strange it was that they were a set of two, I think it was meant to be. I'm not worried, I'm sure they'll still be there. I'll come rescue them and take them to their new home soon =) }

How sweet would these stretched canvases be in a nursery or kids' room? I think my favorite is the mother goose. Very nice.

THE painting was still there and I still love it... though they had marked up the price. Up?!? *Butt-heads.*

We didn't even try to talk them down since they don't seem to be going in that direction.

It was ugly anyway. ;)

For now, I've also given up on looking for prints online. I found many I like, but with the size of the wall, they were never large enough and I couldn't find a set of 3 that I liked together.

So here are our blank canvases hanging on the wall. I wanted to get them placed to see how they looked together before I attempted to paint our own art. We'll see how it goes... we may be back in stores checking out the retail art verrrry soon.

Even though we didn't take home any goodies from the lovely antique store, we did still take home some other goodies:

A few lilac branches came home in the cup-holder of the 4-runner, which were beautiful to look at, wonderful to smell, and made me learn quickly that I'm just a bit allergic to them and still paying for being in their presence for 2 hours with a sore throat. Don't worry though, I've been medicating with popsicles.

And we both medicate with a couple of blizzards on the way home as well. HEY, it's been HOT!

Who am I kidding? I was driving to DQ for blizzards when there was snow on the ground this past winter. I should definitely look into buying stock with the Dairy Queen. {Which people will probably start calling me soon, as I slowly expand from the blizzards and other junk food.}


  1. I LOVE DQ blizzards - one of the few American luxuries I can get here in Cayman! I would eat one every day if I wasn't getting married in 2 months - gotta fit in that dress!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with the canvases! I think I am going to paint some canvases for Kendra's toddler room (I am always thinking about it because I don't like the way her nursery looks.) :) And yet I'm sure I'll mess them up...


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