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Thursday, April 16, 2009

No news good news. Kinda sorta.

Here's an update for you: we are not finished painting this ONE room yet.


2 people have already put in, what I have calculated to be, about 34 hours or MORE of nothing but straight painting and we still have about 8 to go.

The room is large, the moldings are many (5 windows, 3 doors, 2 archways, crown molding and a fireplace that is completely wood moldings), as well as some tall ceilings , that may I add, are breaking my back getting up and down the darned ladder. I am reeeeeallllllllllly growing to hate that ladder immensely.

Side note: how W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L is my mother-in-law???!?!??!?

The good news is that the color is beautiful, or at least Karen and I think so, and we shouldn't have to paint over for another 100 years. {An exaggeration, but at least if we change the wall color again, the wood moldings should not have to be repainted... it's just that the previous owners had the nastiest beige-almost-tan color on them. Very dingy looking.}

So perhaps some photos another time.

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