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Monday, April 27, 2009

yap yap yap

Good Monday mornin' to ya! Nick and I went to our "vacation home" in Lexington this weekend and brought back a few pictures to show you.

{Vacation home because we seem to only be there on the weekends when we're not working. Even though we're still working very hard to put everything in it's place at the house, we're so happy and relaxed when we're there that it doesn't feel so much like work. Therefore, it's our vacation home, for now.}

I love our lilac bushes that are in full bloom right now - since we aren't there to enjoy them day in, day out, I took plenty of pictures, made one my wallpaper on the computer, and cut a few branches to bring back to my parents. Aren't they lovely?

Hendrix finds his new space very relaxing as well.

This is the same darned dog that woke me up every five minutes starting at 7 am this morning on my first week-day off from rotations. Somehow, I still love him.
I try to keep up a spirit of sharing every little detail of my life here in blogworld, and the pool hall is the only room that is finished enough that I could post pictures and share as of right now.

We still have a dartboard to hang up on the empty wall to the right, not pictured, and Karen is painting some stools for this room so our friendly pool shooters will have a place to sit their rear-ends while politely waiting their turn.

Even without those little nuances, I do believe you'll still get the big picture.

A photo of the previously mentioned dart-board... I found this little gem upstairs in my parents' garage. It was still in the box. When I asked my pack-rat dad if I could have it, his reply:

"Do you know what you're asking? I've been storing this for 12 years! It's brand new!"

Yeah, he let me take it. Maybe he'll actually get to play on his precious dart-board when he visits us now. I'm still waiting for him to find the very special fancy darts he bought to go with the board 12 years ago... they are somewhere in this garage:

It's not your average garage. My parents bought our house, with no attached garage, when I was born. There were the normal storage issues with a family of four, add in a dad who collects pop bottles, old electric power meters, stuff that other people threw away, and they soon found the need to build a barn-sized two story garage with a "garage door". The type of door that most people use as a gateway to drive an automobile through.... laughable because this garage has never stored a car because it has been stuffed with other knick-knacks since my little brain can remember.

I do love that my parents have found the room to store lots of my stuff in this building until Nick and I had a place big enough to keep it all. Now that we have accomplished acquiring such a place, I have been asked to rummage through this building and remove anything of mine that I would like to keep in my life. Or else it will be seen as something I no longer need/want and be yard-saled at a later date.

My parents would strangle me if I showed you a picture of the inside, but believe me, it's pretty s-t-u-f-f-e-d. I don't know if I have the courage or energy to rummage, I may just volunteer that it all be put up for yard-sale. Should anyone actually want to pay something for my junk, my parents can keep the 50 cents for putting me and my junk up for the last 25 years. Sounds like quite the deal.

Did ya'll care for my off subject rant about some dumb old garage? I knew you would...

AND did this guy care that I had the pool table staged beautifully for my little photo shoot?! Nope. I'm not sure where he got the crazy idea, but for some reason he thinks you're supposed to play on this piece of furniture.

Silly guy.

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  1. Rest assured you would not live to see your vacation home again if you ever posted a picture of the inside of my garage. LOve, Mom


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