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Thursday, June 04, 2009

No love

That's what our home office gets from me. We don't entertain in here, I haven't really felt like allocating any money to the cause, I have no plan for the decor yet, and neither of us work from home... thus, no love. Nick will be starting grad school in July for his masters in business and might actually start using the office then, maybe by that time I will start caring a little more about this abandoned room in our new home.

I'm keepin' it real as always , letting you in on pics of our hot mess. Nothing was picked up or put away, nothing staged, just a huge pile of junk thrown into a room where we think it may "go" one day.

It needs organization, window treatments, color, art... i.e. LOVE!!!!!

What's that you say? You want a tour of our office knick-knacks?

Sure thang, y'all!

First on the tour: "The Roberts Family Travels and Adventures" with push pins in the places we've been together - we sooo need to go more places. We're working on this one.

Also making the wall of fame, Nick's bachelor's diploma from Georgetown.
You go, guy! =)

And of course, my Sigma Kappa sorority paddle.
{It will hang on the closet door as long as I keep holding tight my youth. The day it comes down is the day I accept my grown-up status.}

In case you haven't met, my crazy little pharmacist-lady-person that my mom gave me at the beginning of pharmacy school lives in the office as well. Someone advised my class to study for the boards by talking out loud or pretending to "teach" someone the material. So I've been talking to crazy Sally lately when I study. Which makes me, crazy Stephanie.

And then there's my diploma. I've got the frame, now all I need is the matting. It then can be finished and hung proudly on the wall to be displayed in front of the tens of zeros of people who step into our office on a daily basis.

Don't even comment, I know it's a hot mess!

Maybe you'd like to reminisce in the memories of better rooms in our home-in-progress:

We've got a great weekend coming up! VERY POSSIBLY, some good pictures and stories to tell when we get back!

~Love in the Dove~

{A very Sigma Kappa sorority thing to say...}


  1. I love that you are keeping it real! Ours wouldn't get any love either if my hubs didn't work from home!! I just love clicking on your blog, you are so fun and beautiful!!

  2. I also have my sorority paddles hanging in my office. It's a sweet reminder of my once care-free life!

  3. I love your travels map- is it from Skymall? I've been wanting to get one for a long time!

  4. Love the map!! What a great idea!! You have a beautiful home, I enjoy reading your blog!! Good luck on your boards!!

  5. Oh my gosh! I just posted my office pics and we have the same map!

  6. After I took photos of ours and looked at them on the big screen, I was mortified. I bet your kids will get very familiar with your sorority... Have fun traveling!

  7. My sorority paddle is in my office too and I keep hanging on to those undergraduate days!

  8. I attended Georgetown College as well. . .1997 would have been when I would have graduated, however I moved states and graduated from Sienna Heights University in Michigan. I lived in Shelbyville and graduated from Shelby Co. High School! My Dad and Step-Mom still live in the area, and I have a ton of friends there! It seemed funny to see the Georgetown College stuff! Small world!

    Be Blessed!


  9. I like how you all incorporated your diplomas into your office. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the map..such a great idea!

    You've reminded I want to find my sorority paddles!

  11. Our son is in pharmacy school! He's at the University of Florida on the Jacksonville campus. He's entering his last year!!! Thank you Jesus!

  12. Georgetown?? toot toot!!

    you guys are def a power couple!!

    LOVE the room!

  13. As my office is really just a desk in the corner of my bedroom I spend way too much time there. And it gets pretty messy too.

  14. Ha Ha!!! Crazy Stephanie! Liked that! Made me laugh. We must be related, I'm crazy too!!

  15. I love the map...we're doing a similar one for places we've traveled to. My office might be finished (somewhat)...but I definitely have other places that make yours look good! haha

    Thanks for the tour!

  16. Nevermind the office, your blog is too cute! I did find you through Kelly and I admire you honesty:) My "no love" room is way too in need of love to be posted!! Enjoyed the pics.

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