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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Meet Gunther

The newest member of the family! A crown-tailed beta fish who now resides in our crystal blue family room.

Then there's this little guy, our first addition. We almost lost him a couple of weeks ago. And not lost, like, "Hendrix... come out, come out where ever you are!" No. I mean, little guy came very close to living with Jesus that day. Seems he had a very rare, extreme reaction to his heart-worm pill that he's been getting every month, but for some reason, this time around, things took a turn for the worse.

Fortunately and unfortunately, I was at work, a whole hour and a half away that day. Fortunately, only because if I had witnessed it at his worse, I would have been in full blown hysterics. Unfortunately, because I worried myself sick at work and then drove home at 11:30 at night like a crazy person.

Nick and Karen were troopers doing their best to take care of him. At the time, we were completely CLUELESS as to what was going on with him. The vet's offices were closed and he seemed to only be getting worse. The little guy was fully recovered by the next morning when Karen had been researching his side effects and finally found literature that connected the events to the heart-worm pill.

Just to sum it up and SERIOUSLY down-play it all, Hendrix lost use of his legs for about 12 hours, became glazed over with crazy eyes, lashed out at Nick and bit him {actually breaking the skin} when he tried to move the pup, and pretty much lost all signs of being our sweet baby and instead became a sick dog in total shock.

You have no idea how much we are IN LOVE with this dog and how his every little tail wag and one trillion kisses each day have increased the happiness in our lives. We would have been lost without him and have been thanking our lucky stars for him ever since our big scare!

This was the boy just a month or so ago before I took an electric razor to that mane. Check out the hair part on his back! So much fur for such a tiny dog.

This is him today, looking a little smaller after his hair-cut, a bit closer to the whopping 9 pounds he weighs.

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Nick finished his last day at work this past Friday and now has several weeks to work on the house until grad school starts up in July. LUCKY ME! Check out his hard work he's been doing staining our deck:

He's already spent two days on it and it's going to take several more... it's a huge deck! I love the color that he picked out. Here's a great picture of one of the built-in storage benches on the top deck to show you the before and after color. It's gonna be preeeettty!

As if we needed another reason to love our backyard.... duckies! We have around 10 ducks that visit the creek in our backyard throughout the day. They love to chill out there, bathe, look for minnows, and quackquackquack like mad when Hendrix comes near them. We fed them for the first time tonight, which tickled me pink =)

All the other ducks are the green-billed Mallards. I love the little momma and her twins below. They are so cute how they stick together so lovingly and look a bit like the outsiders of the duck cliques.

Hendrix loves to stare at the ducks from our bedroom window when he can't be outside himself.

Lastly, you may or may not wonder where we got the name for our new fishy friend. In college, I had a beta fish, "Chandler", named after a character on my favorite show of all time, FRIENDS. Chandler lived for almost 3 years, grew huge, and even jumped for his food everyday! After his sad passing, I got another beta, "Joey", also named for FRIENDS, but who did not jump, did not grow, didn't really like to eat and who passed on much much quicker. We're hoping our "Gunther", named for the coffee shop waiter on FRIENDS, may live up to Chandler's memory. So far, so good!

R.I.P. Chandler =)


  1. haha i love the dedication to Friends!

  2. Aww...poor Hendrix...I'm glad the little guy's okay--he grew on me so much! The porch looks AMAZING! I can't wait to see, Nick's been hard at work! Make room, we'll be there in a little over a week! Can't WAIT to see you two!
    Much Love, L

  3. Cute! I used to have a betta fish that live in a vase on my desk, but he went to the great beyond too. I love the Friends theme. :)

  4. I have a fish that is almost 3 years old. I am not as creative with names, though. He is just Fishie.


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