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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

See you soon!

I’m so excited about our little getaway tomorrow. I’ve been running around the house like a chicken with its head cut-off trying to finish all the laundry, make the house sparkle, finish up odds and ends I don’t want to have to come back to and of course, PACK! I’m a self-professed pack-aholic and it takes me forever. I can’t narrow it down! I pack for every possibility, for every temperature, for every whim. I can’t stand to get anywhere and not have that one thing... whether it be the perfect shoes for the outfit, hand sanitizer, fingernail clippers, a pack of gum… I want it all! I even have to pack up the dog to go stay with my sister.

Even with all the work that has to be done in able to get outta town, I’m crazy excited to head out with my one and only. I’m even excited about the 6 hour car trip and the conversations we’ll have. At least one of those convos always goes to “the future” and “the future” is just too darn exciting. Nick and I have hit one of the highest highs in our relationship lately; I just know it’s going to be a fabulous fun-filled and romantic weekend.

We’ve decided that this trip will also be a one month early celebration of our 1 year anniversary coming up on July 19th. I’ll be studying and reaching my code red stress level about then, so no trip was possible to plan for that time… my pharmacy boards have been scheduled; scary. The pharmacy part of the boards on July 17th and the law on July 31st, I covet your prayers!

Though we will be gone, one of the reasons I’ve been running around like a mad woman today is to have the basement in tip top shape to take pictures and once again participate in “Show Us Where You Live FRIDAY” at Kelly’s Korner. This may be the best one yet! I’ve had a hard time picking which pictures to show and it’s a huge space, so yeah, there’s going to be a million pics on that post =) Be sure to stop in and check us out. Not to mention that I’m going to try and post a couple pics and a story or two once we’re in the windy city. We’ll be taking one of the laptops with us and crossing our fingers that the wireless works well at Hotel 71.

On a final note, I really do need your prayers for my grandmother, my mom’s mom, who has been admitted to the hospital this week. She needed a heart cath, but once she was in there the tests showed her sodium was at a dangerous low and they admitted her to try and bring it back up. Her pacemaker is working overtime and the doctors are afraid there’s a blockage. She’s in pretty good spirits though and we just need to get her heart healthy again.

My family is also having a party for my paternal grandparents this weekend for their 60th anniversary! I’m so sad I’m missing it, we planned our trip before the party date was set. But praise the Lord for the blessing of their long, happy marriage. My maternal grandparents’ are coming up on their 60th too.. My stars! Such wonderful events make me hopeful for the same in my own marriage.

Happy thoughts!


  1. Praying for your grandma!!! xoxo

    and good luck packa-holic!! :)

  2. Have a great trip and be safe!

  3. Have a great trip! Hotel looks lovely!!! I'm going on a trip this weekend too - running off to get married!!! Can't wait to see some pictures of your trip! Have fun Steph!

  4. Have fun! Praying for your grandma and your family.


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