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Monday, June 01, 2009

35 wHaT?

Oh... 35 years!!!!!!!! The precise length of time that these two,

have been living together in holy matrimony! YIKES!

dEaReSt mOm & dAd,

Should I ever be blessed to live long enough beside my love, I know our 35th will have been aided by your ever present examples in my life. No one is ever perfect, but when you combine two POLAR OPPOSITE people, {i.e. my momma and poppa}, together and watch them collide - whoa! My family has always put the FUN in dysFUNctional, and I LOVE IT! I know the last 25 years of your marriage have been made a heck of a lot more difficult with the little addition of me, but you weathered the storm and gave me a dreamy story-book styled childhood that I find myself reminiscing in often... and trying to figure out how to get back to.

A few years ago, back on their 30th anniversary, we managed to throw them an ACTUAL surprise party/cook-out. Fun times!

Five years later, you'd think it was time for another party? Or maybe it's just taking us so long to put together the HUGE BASH coming up in 5 years for their 40th!!!

Party or no party this year, from Nick and I, we sincerely wish the best to these two cute kids. Happy 35th Anniversary! Thanks for falling in love and bringing sister and I into this world! Wooo-HohoohooooOO!!!!!!!!

*Keep up that spark*

i LoVE mY pArENts!! ! !


  1. That is so sweet! We're about to be at one year and if they all go by as fast as this one did, we'll be at 35 in no time:)

  2. Tell your parent's congrats! I can't wait to say Chad and I have been together for 35 years! Seems like such a long time!

  3. very sweet! they look so happy in their pictures, thats wonderful to see :)


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